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The advantage of using the Custom View feature

The Custom View feature enables you to customize your inventory view, without having to build a report. You can select custom or standard values fields and sort them however you wish. You can also apply multiple advanced filters (with support for Boolean and math operations). Once happy with your view, save it, keep it private, share it or export it.

Custom views are especially useful for certain features that do not have a standardized report, such as Risk Insights.

Custom views allows you to customize what you see. By changing the view, you can provide different details to a specific targeted audience.

Think of custom views as a “live report”. Where reports require you to run/update the report for current content, custom views provide live data without having to wait for it to be generated. Custom views take the live All Assets view and customizes the columns to provide the content for your situation.

Custom view 1.png

What is a Custom View ?

There are two column types when creating a custom view: Fixed and available.

Fixed columns are those that cannot be removed from the content as they are needed in the generation of the view. But, these columns can be removed from being visible or they can be sorted. These columns are

  • Background Job Status
  • Scan Issues
  • Name
  • Duplicates

The available columns can be added or removed from the content to provided the quality content needed for your view. Some examples include: asset type, serial number, model, warranty, asset status/state, and many more, including your custom fields! Once you have selected the columns of content you wish to see, you can sort them into any order you’d like. 

custom view 2.png

Advanced Filter

Advanced Filters allows you granularly filter the content from columns selected in the Custom Views. With Advanced Filters you can customize your Custom View to the exact content you desire to see.

Note: Don’t forget to save your advanced filters for future use.

To save your advanced filter, put your mouse over the top yellow button called “Unsaved View”. With the drop down menu, you can select “save view and configurations”. By default, saved views are considered private to the creator. Putting your mouse over the blue button text called “custom view” will provide you a menu where you can share the view with other users.

Results from your Custom Views and Advanced Filters can be exported like all other asset list results. Exports can be in CSV or XLSX format.


To learn more about custom views, you can visit these pages:

  1. ☝️How to create a custom view and an advanced filter
  2. ☝️How to customize the list of vulnerabilities


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New to Lansweeper?

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Experience Lansweeper with your own data.
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