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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Why integrate Lansweeper data into your technology stack?

To enrich other tools and databases for a fuller and accurate user experience. The API module is available in Lansweeper Site only. This data is read-only at this time. Therefore, other systems can’t push information into the Lansweeper database.

The Lansweeper API uses GraphQL for integrations.


Security & Data Retrieval

There are two types of securities integrated into Lansweeper’s API: Oath2 or personal token.

You can send bulk export of all your data. For example, a single CMDB of all IT databases and data. Or you can also retrieve paginated data. This would be more suited for a helpdesk or security tool where only specific pieces of the database are required.


Webhooks are limited at this time. You can use a webhook as specific times when specific actions take place. Currently, webhooks can be used for:

  • creation
  • deletion
  • unlink
  • site deletion


Reports can also be exposed to the API. All the results of that report can be accessed through the API and used within a different application.


To learn more about Lansweeper API

Documentation on the API has all the commands and strings required to retrieve information from within Lansweeper. As we continue to develop the API, refer to the Lansweeper documentation for up-to-date information and more particularly on:


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