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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi All

We have set up a private forum for discussing in depth our current and evolving OT Security Insights capability.

In the forum, we will discuss roadmap, poll for views on suggested new features along with anything Security related to our product.  The forum space will be actively managed/contributed to by the product team and our lead engineers and researchers so if you want a more active role in how we mature this capability please apply to join.



Cheers Iain

Engaged Sweeper III

I clicked the link to request access but all I get is "Access denied". Is the invitation period over? I would like to see if there are discussions similar to my thoughts already before I just post something in the general forum.

Hi @wcb ,

Specific sections were closed in the community, so the common procedure would be to add a new post.  Do not forget to add labels to make it easy to filter/find it, like for example "Cybersecurity & Vulnerabilities".

If you want to see what has been posted during the last month, you can check this post where most of the people wrote about Security Insights:

New Preview Capability - Security Vulnerabilities