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Performance from remote machines

I ran into a situation where I needed to collect performance metrics from a user's machine that is remote. I tried configuring lansweeper to collect performance data, only to discover that it only collects it via a WMI call from the lansweeper serve...

BrightSign Device

How do I get the DNS-SD data for a Brightsign device to come through? It gives the following information through the Device Tester:Scanning DNS-SD.. _http._tcp.local. PTR BrightSign Web Service #4._http._tcp.local. ...

MRAlp by Engaged Sweeper
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scan error on servers

Dear,I am doing the first configuration of Lansweeper but I find myself several errors on the servers.The most common one is this:"I criteri a livello di autenticazione lato server non consentono all'utente AFOL\m.trez SID (S-1-5-21-2009715137-315550...

Max90 by Engaged Sweeper
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Need help with a deployment.

Hi everyone, I am trying to update my Symantec Endpoint Protection database with an .exe file, but I can't find a way to do it without pressing the "yes" button multiple times. I can do it manually, but it's not worth doing it this way because I have...

bass by Engaged Sweeper II
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Ability to pause the SLA timer

Please allow us to pause the SLA timer by ticket status.So many of our jobs are for part time staff or require a 3rd party for repair.We desperately need to be able to pause tickets until users or vendors can respond to our requests for information.

Server software history

Hi,I need a report identical to history.aspx (Reports -> Configuration History), but just for servers.Anyone capable of doing that?Thanks in advance.

stiwa by Champion Sweeper
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error in SSD or HDD Audit

We found and error in this report that C: is always PHYSICALDRIVE0 is wrong. Because there is no relation between tblDiskdrives and tblFloppy we used this workaround:Where tblDiskdrives.Ca...

Borek by Engaged Sweeper II
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Upgrade Win 10 build to version 2004

Has anyone been able to create a script to use the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant in order to upgrade the build version from 1909 to 2004?

Jean-FB by Engaged Sweeper
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Built in report - AD Password Expired

The built in report for AD Password Expired is listing users as Expired when they are set to Never Expire. And with no way to filter out those results, which makes this report worthless since I will have to manually verify each one to see which users...

shawn by Engaged Sweeper II
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Helpdesk Dashboard Shared Tab

I am unable to share the helpdesk dashboard tab with my colleagues. I can share all of the other tabs such as hardware, main page, etc, but the Helpdesk one does not have the "Shared Tab (Visible for all users)" option.

Installer: Result: Deployment ended: No more data is available

Hi,I am trying to configure a installer for AutoCAD, the problem is that the setup.exe launch a background process and exit immediately. The installation will eventually be completed successfully but Lansweeper will report "Result: Deployment ended: ...