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Better than Dell KACE?

Hi,I work for a company called account control technology, and we are interested in Lansweeper, but we are not too sure how safe or secure this product really is.We compare this to a product called Dell KACE and it did everything Dell's product would...

douglasf01 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Version 5 compliant report

How can I make this report version 5 compliant?Select Distinct Top 1000000 co1.Computername, co1.ComputerUnique, co1.Username, cs1.Manufacturer, cs1.Model, csp1.IdentifyingNumber As [Serial Number], cpu.Name As [Processor Model], cpu.MaxClo...

poweld1 by Champion Sweeper
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Toshiba warranty scan

Hello,Is it possible to include Toshiba warranty details scan?The link for the site is,Paulo

BullGates by Champion Sweeper
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Perform Custom Actions On Assets In Report

Would be nice to have ability to call custom actions for all/selected assets. For instance, perform the WOL for all those assets in a report so I can turn them on for after hours maintenance. Would work similar to the scan all assets action.

dkhilo by Engaged Sweeper III
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please add support for choosing different color scheme themes. thank you.

ejensen by Engaged Sweeper III
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Show Custom Fields in Default Computer Report

Hello - I love the report button on computers as it allows me to print it off for meetings/discussions and to do side by side comparrisons, etc. It doesn't include the custom fields, though. Is there a way to edit the report that's generated with t...

Jono by Champion Sweeper II
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! EventID Report

Hi,I want to make a report that shows Ntfs 55 Events in dashboard from the last 7 days. How to make this?

KRH by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Report version of Microsoft Office...

I need to poll the network for a list of workstations that do NOT have Microsoft Office installed. (And tailor it later for others, Adobe Acrobat, for ex.) Or, a way to compare one list to another and arrive at my list of workstations w/o Office inst...

Jcb1974 by Engaged Sweeper
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IP Scan List

Hi,Lansweeper is absolutely amazing and a life saver! Currently trying to get my manager to shell out for premium....!One thing that would be really handy is the ability to either:a) Include AD OU exclusions on IP scansb) Provide the ability to paste...

blighter by Engaged Sweeper III
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Support for other VM providers

Now that you have LS tracking VMWare, it'd be nice if we saw support for more VM providers.Ex. Xen, MS's virtual server, VirtualIron

taeratrin by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Allowed Administrators

Greetings, If this has already been covered I apologize. I did search and read the first ten pages of previous posts to no avail.Here are my issues:We deny by default any domain UserID from being in the local machine admin group. However, we do have ...

GMFDE by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Computer Less than 4GB ram?

Just upgraded to v.5 and love it. We'll be upgrading to take advantage of the Mac scanning soon. How can I add a report to the Hardware/Informational area for computers with LESS than 4GB of ram? I only see the More then 2GB, Less than 2GB, Less t...

baltman by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Software Report

So we currently have this report to show all installations of Google Chrome. How do i make another one that shows machines that don't have Google Chrome.Current ReportSelect Top 1000000 upgrade_web40osname.Compimage As icon, upgrade_tblcomputers.Com...

chads by Lansweeper Former Employee
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