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WMI Scanning

Is there a way to scan for a certain WMI in lansweeper

sgtpham by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! device driver version

I need some help with SQL....I'm looking for a way to export a report of all computers with a particular video adapter and the driver version it is running. I can find this info by looking at CONFIG\VIDEO CARD for each pc, so I'm sure the right SQL ...

googoo by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! lsremote access denied

Is there a way to run lsremote against a stand-alone (i.e. non-domain) computer with that computer's specific set of admin credentials?In the specific case, I would like to connect to a legacy W2k box on a different IP subnet. The box is not part of ...

Resolved! How to setup a custom software report

Hello,I just installed Lansweeper on a completely different network because my boss wants me to find all non-standard applications on this unknown WAN. My company merged with another company but their network is unknown and pretty chaotic looking. I ...

HAL9000 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Reports registry key

Ho can i get a report featuring this registry key to see if they are enabled or not?ScreenSaverIsSecure (1)ScreenSaveActive (1)ScreenSaveTimeOut (600)And if its possible the username

Resolved! Report for users

I need a report which will list all users that have lastnames that are 5 characters or less. Anyone have something ?

Network Monitoring system

I'd very much like to see a network monitoring system in the next version of lansweeper and to get alerts if servers and other network devices go down. Is this sort of thing planned?

poweld1 by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Domain Admins not on local administrators group

Hey all;So we are trying to create a report of machines where the domain admins group isnt a member of the local administrators group. We can create the positive result on this query below but how do we get the other result we want, I am aware that w...

Resolved! How to shrink database

I just found out in my database the log files are running 25gb and the database is 4gb. This seems rather large. I was wondering if there any tables and logs I could truncate and if soA)What are the names?B)what is the sql script to do this?I'm runni...

camerons by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Process Explorer (PSTools) on remote computer

I have been tryingto run procexep.exe against remote computers with the follwong command.{actionpath}ShellRunAs procexp.exe {computer}I get the following dialog and it does not run. UAC is disable on the host computer. Remote computer is Widnows XPPl...

Pollak by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Fixed Assets Listing

I need a report of basically everything (Servers, Computers, Routers, Etc) with name, make/model, S/N and maybe IP. Anyone know what tables will put all of this together?

Resolved! Computer Needing Windows Update

Does anyone know of a way to generate something like this? Yes, WSUS wlll show this to you, however we have several WSUS servers and was wondering if I could use LanSweeper to consolidate this into a single view.

dkhilo by Engaged Sweeper III
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