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Suggestion for the Webconsole Querybuilder

The querybuilder developed by Dany Dion is a terrific addition to an already great product. I was wondering if it would be possible to add more query options besides WHERE, AND, OR. What about BEGINS WITH and CONTAINS? I know in VB it could be as sim...

wade3661 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Cross Reference License Info

Hi,Firstly looks great, need to do a bit more testing.Very helpful would be a way toEnter current purchased programs license info:Name,Ver,Puchase Date,Renew Date,SerialNo,.No licenses....etcAnd then drill down cross reference reports of instalation...

obelixus by Engaged Sweeper
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Add support to win98

I know it could be hard to make lansweeper work in windows 98, given that it requires wmi, remote registry and such.Even then, I'd be really happy if you find a way to make a least some features work with it. Or at least confirm if it could work if o...

Some features for the next release?

Hi,First of all: splendid work with your tool. I just installed it on my network, and it seems that it can save met plenty of Euro's (hardware and software indexing is expensive when using Altiris).Second: some improvements? [webconsole places shown]...

ToniVR by Engaged Sweeper
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Whish list

I would like the ability to query for files on computers IE: Looking for SpywareSomething like the Registry scanning but on the file system.

ddion by Engaged Sweeper
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