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Detect Docking Stations

Engaged Sweeper
Hi does LS detect Docking Stations?

Surely if it can detect monitors when it runs the scanning, it could detect the docking stations as well.


Engaged Sweeper

Please add this feature! I is hard to use Lansweeper as an Asset Tracking system when it can't scan assets like a dock. Thanks!

Engaged Sweeper
We use Lenovo laptops, and I have recently found that they have a tool called Dock Manager, that among other things can update WMI with Serial Number and Firmware versions. Unfortunately much of our existing inventory of docking stations are an older model that this software doesn't support, but I've seen it work on some of our newer docking stations. If it helps, here's some info:

I'm looking at trying to make use of it anyway, and if Lansweeper can't pick up this information automatically, I'm looking at using a PowerShell script to write it to a custom registry entry that I can tell Lansweeper to read in.

Sure would be great if Lansweeper could do this automatically without me having to do so much as custom work.

Honored Sweeper
Believe its a limitation of Windows, as I have looked for this feature for quite some time, even a command line that I could run to query serial numbers. The docks just seem to pass through the data. If you can find a way within windows through powershell, wmi etc, then let Lansweeper know. But at this stage I don't believe its possible.

Engaged Sweeper II
Same for me, add a vote. it would be very useful to me

Engaged Sweeper
I too am looking for this same functionality. Can I add a vote as well to this request? Not sure how to do that.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Docking stations aren't discovered as linked or related assets at the moment. This has been requested though in the past and is on our wish list. We hope to add this in the future. We'll provide it with an extra vote.

Engaged Sweeper II
Exactly same question here. Since moving to more laptops with these docking stations, it would be great to have them discovered so we don't need to manually enter in hundreds of these. We do track them as assets with barcodes - they just aren't in Lansweeper yet.