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Lansweeper integration with PRTG network monitor

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Track your assets and their health with Lansweeper and PRTG
Integrating PRTG and Lansweeper, using native capabilities of both, provides administrators with unrivalled insights into the status, health, and performance of their technology assets. With minimal effort, admins can immediately produce detailed reports on all aspects of the hardware and software they are responsible for. Asset lifecycle and ownership can be tracked from acquisition to disposal, with associated costs being tracked across the organisation. This serves to:
•           Increase visibility, eliminating blind spots and revealing assets you didn’t know you had
•           Boost productivity by simplifying record keeping and reporting
•           Improve security posture by identifying risks and highlighting vulnerabilities
•           Reduce costs by revealing needless expenses, supporting budget decisions and efficient resource allocation.

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