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Scan disabled users on-prem

Engaged Sweeper

A customer said to me that users AD status in not updated for users passed from enabled to disabled in their on-prem AD.

One of your article explain how to scan disabled users account :
But in fact I cannot find out "Scan Users that are disabled in on-premises Active Directory" option to check if it's activated or not...

We are in version :


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

We've tested it in our environment and are able to reproduce it on several machines, so it is indeed a bug. We have filed a bug with our developers, When a fix is available, it will be listed as LAN-14170 on our changelog:

Sweep that LAN, sweep it!

Champion Sweeper

I tested it on our scanserver and I'm seeing the same as you are - leaving the page and coming back unticks the box again. I would recommend sending this to Lansweeper support. 

Champion Sweeper
It's found under Configuration -> Server options

Edit: Turns out that's just for removing users from Lansweeper that are disabled or deleted in on-premise AD. I don't know if there's a scan option anymore.

Edit 2: I found it, on the Scanning Targets under Scanning Scope.

Thanks Kevin four you feedback !

Finally I found out as you options... BUT... For the one under "Scanning Targets under Scanning Scope" when I tick it, go back to another page, and come back again, the tick is gone....

Any idea ?