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Scanning App on QNAP

Very quick question.  Does the community think there would be a benefit of a lansweeper/fing like app being available on QNAPs app store? Pretty much something that could scan what you have at home -  a bit like the Fing box but on your QNAP deviceTh...

Fireside Chat: Next Generation Broadband

Hi All In case you missed it - Lansweeper recently announced an exciting collaboration with Domos and Cognitive Systems Corp. Here is a fire side chat with Magnus Olden CTO - Domos, Amanda Forsyth - Director of  Product (Cognitive Systems) and Iain C...

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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LS Cloud Application API feedback

Hi there!We'd like to hear from you about your experience in connecting to the LS Cloud API. Please take a couple of minutes to go through this Survey!Your feedback is really valuable and will help us create new features and solve some headaches you ...