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Calling an existing report in the new report

is this possible calling an existing report on the new report I'm doing? I'm not too familiar with SQL and just a slight knowledge of it.example. existing report is all asset that has a specific Account on their report should be excluding ...

Jojo27 by Engaged Sweeper
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Export custom reports (SQL Server only)

Generate SQL queries to recreate your custom reports on another database. This code is designed for SQL Server and will not work on SQL Compact.SELECT 'INSERT INTO [tsysreports] ([Reportquery] ,[Reporttitle] ,[Sendmail] ,[Mailgrou...

Filip_V by Lansweeper Alumni
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Resolved! Computer AD group membership - STUFF

Dear Lansweeper community,I am trying to write a report to list every computer and it's specific AD group membership.  I want to use STUFF to join all AD groups containing *ROLE* into a single column.  In our environment, almost every computer is mem...

TomFox by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! How to add the comment field to a report?

Hello everyone,I can't seem to figure out where to find the "comments" field from an asset's edit page in the report builder.I've seen results online for adding comments from the "comments tab" of an asset. But I am looking for the "comments" field w...

whoami by Engaged Sweeper II
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Reports with criteria Based on Future Date

I have managed to get a report put together that Reports on all systems in my Inventory that have a Certain SSL Certificate installed.  Using the GetDate() Function, I can report on systems that have an expired certificate that expired prior to the c...