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Resolved! Lansweeper Classic: LsAgent Auto-Update Flag

I am looking for some clarification regarding LsAgent Auto-Update. Within Lansweeper Classic, within Groups, there is a flag for Auto-Update. I have been unable to identify what this means though I have an assumption. When LsAgent is installed on a m...


Can not scan of asset Cisco Access Point under WLC.

Hi,I have Cisco Access Point that managed by WLC (Lansweeper can scan WLC which) but Lansweeper can not scan access point. I have try Devices Tester and it shown Scanning SSH..SSH server: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_8.5System info: can't get tty settingscan't se...

Nichamon by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Create Report : Audit VMs Last Logon > 90Days

Looking for assistance creating a report that will provide a list of VMs that no one has logged into for at least 90 days, created the below report but does not seem to coincide with the logon times as I see VMs in the list that were recently logged ...

ggalati by Engaged Sweeper
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AWS scan requirement

HI Team, As per the below article we need to enable 88 access level in the AWS for key generation but our AWS team mentioning that there are 168 access level currently, kindly let us know which 88 has to be enabled from the 168-access level list. As ...

Nik14 by Engaged Sweeper
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Reports with criteria Based on Future Date

I have managed to get a report put together that Reports on all systems in my Inventory that have a Certain SSL Certificate installed.  Using the GetDate() Function, I can report on systems that have an expired certificate that expired prior to the c...

Resolved! Group assets by user

I need to create a static group who include all assets belonged to a fixed list of users.For example, a Contoso department of a company has User A, User B, and User C. All of them have a PC (from Lansweeper's viewpoint, an asset).Is there a way to cr...

Asset History

Hi AllIs there anyway to export all of a assets info?I would like to keep the assets history, assigned users, ticket history etc of a asset before I remove it from LS. 

CarlVE by Engaged Sweeper
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