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Exisiting windows machines not scanning

On-site lansweeper. We have 5 virtual machine that stopped scanning the middle on October.  No scanning error is displayed.  We tested deleting one of the machines from lansweeper, then scanned the network to bring it back into the system, but it sti...

Kenf by Engaged Sweeper
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Lsagent for Android / iOS

Are there any plans to create an angent that will support Andoid and iOS devices ?Has anybody created a work around to support SNMP scanning to Android/iOS ?ThksMario

DonMario73 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Is Azure AD LAPS supported?

As of Lansweeper 10.4.2, AD LAPS is now supported. We have many Windows devices that are Intune managed and exist in Azure AD that do not exist in our on-prem AD. As such, the option to use on-prem AD LAPS to manage scanning credentials won't work fo...

DMurr by Engaged Sweeper
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Not indexing desktop apps

We are seeing an on-going issue where LS only indexes Windows Store apps - no desktop apps are listed.  Where we notice the issue the most is when LS erroneously flagging machines as missing AV when in fact they have it.  When we look in LS it shows ...

uSlackr by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Exchange 2013 ActiveSync

Has anyone else noticed that the widget for Exchange:Most recently Synced Devices has a Last success sync date of 01/01/0001 for everything? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

JoeMorn by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! NVR CAMERA

Hello team,I look for a solution, i have a couple of NVR on my network and i can't see it.My goal is to put every camera on my inventery.I scan the right Vlan and i have the right credentials.have a great day!

RemiB by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Create Report : Audit VMs Last Logon > 90Days

Looking for assistance creating a report that will provide a list of VMs that no one has logged into for at least 90 days, created the below report but does not seem to coincide with the logon times as I see VMs in the list that were recently logged ...

ggalati by Engaged Sweeper
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Please respond to this if you want a JAMF connector

Hi allLansweeper have told me that they do not see many requests for a JAMF ( cloud ) connector.That may well be the case ?Anyway, this means that they do not have plans to develop one.Why is this important to some?The Mac LSagent does not provide us...

Lars_Kruse by Engaged Sweeper II
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LanSweeper Scan causes failed logon event logs on DCs

Hi all,since some time (i don't know exactly since when - maybe since the update to v10.2.4.0) LanSweeper is spamming failed logon events (4625) in our security event logs on all our domain is an example event (removed IPs / hostname...

Stephan_R by Engaged Sweeper II
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Exchange asset mailbox size

HelloOn my Exchange server asset I can see in the tab Exchange -> Mailboxes all mailboxes. But the column size is empty and no mailbox size is listed.Why is that? 

WuGe_1-1693556772280.png WuGe_0-1693556738856.png
WuGe by Engaged Sweeper III
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How to Get windows restore points on the Portal

Hi, I would like to know is there is any option to add on every windows computers any drop down menu or option to visualize restore points of the system in the asset page on premise installation.I know that I could get for instance all restore points...

Alaponuke by Engaged Sweeper II
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Reports with criteria Based on Future Date

I have managed to get a report put together that Reports on all systems in my Inventory that have a Certain SSL Certificate installed.  Using the GetDate() Function, I can report on systems that have an expired certificate that expired prior to the c...