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Resolved! tblADComputers.Description not refreshing for assets?

Hey Sweepers,Does anyones tblADComputers.Description update when a modification is made to the computer description field in Active Directory? I'm noticing that ours have gotten out of sync. Any ideas?  

Malrsorr by Engaged Sweeper
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View the SNMP community string in on-prem Credentials

Hi....looking to disentangle our SMTP credentials as it looks as if we have multiple credentials for the same asset.  Is it possible to recover, or view the community strings for existing credentials....  The checkbox shown below when creating a new ...

lkeyes_1-1679681200348.png lkeyes_0-1679681008874.png
lkeyes by Engaged Sweeper II
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Scanning servers as "servers" instead of "windows"

Hi there,I would like to scan a server with the asset type "server", but they are tagged with the type "Windows" and i can't change the type manually. How can i tell LS to scan the servers as type "server"?Thank you.

Abel by Engaged Sweeper
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Database field for Dell Monitor Express Code?

I am trying to get a report of my Dell monitors which shows either the Service tag or Express Code.  I cannot find that field in the database, but the Express Code DOES appear for each monitor when I pull one up individually (see attached screenshot)...

mfassler by Engaged Sweeper
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hardware inventory lan

Hi everybody know how I collect a hardware inventory in my Lan only information " Computer Name - Processador Model - Memory - Operational System - Hard Disk Volume - Username and manufacturer" ? Have a template or i need to custom this? Could you he...

VMWare Error

My VMWare successfully scanned hours before updating to version After the update, I am receiving the error:VMWare ErrorThe session is not authenticated.Is this something that I will need to reconfigure on the VMWare side or a coincidence th...

ABast by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! How does Lansweeper generate asset IDs, and can this be changed?

We are looking for a new naming convention for our PCs, and after a little research decided that the asset ID from lansweeper would make a good name. The only problem is that the asset IDs from lansweeper are only 3 chars, and we would prefer somethi...

Resolved! LsAgent documentation and best practices

Hello everyone, I have read through the available KB articles for LsAgent and installed it on my testing machine in order to get a feel for it. My goal is to present my findings to my customer who is currently scanning agentless through Active Scanni...

Dknappe1 by Engaged Sweeper
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Can I have the current RDP session correctly displayed?

We've recently deployed LSAgent for our domain machines to see if that helps to see the currently connected RDP user.That partially helped me but the current user is displayed as local, not domain user. Can that be fixed?For example, that's what I se...

pavelryzhkov_0-1678889542480.png pavelryzhkov_1-1678889626177.png

LS fails to get Partition Information from AiX server

I everyone.As Title say in my company we have several AiX machine. After scan, some of them doesn't show partition Information on the asset page. We tried with any kind of user account, even root account doesn't get those information, tried root with...

Adder by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Missing Assets

Dear friends:  I started a project where I was adding our American Power Conversion UPSs to our LanSweeper Asset Inventory.  I added about 10 of them.... and they would appear under "Asset Type" as UPS...   Had them scanning....and had a couple acces...

lkeyes by Engaged Sweeper II
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Can LSAgent automatically add asset to a group or something

Hello,We are preparing for deploying LSAgent on 500 agents (through MS Intune).We would like to distinguish these assets from other asset groups we have.IP Location won't work, OS selection also won't work, distinguish by hardware type won't work eig...

Beheer by Engaged Sweeper
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Current user(s) on location map only

Hello,we use several location maps.Each asset is displayed with its name and, if available, its (last?) users.Our problem is, that due to user changes many assets are displayed with 3, 4 or more users, so the map looks really confusing.In our mind on...

ITAdminLS by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Mass import of Documents

Hello,I was wondering if there was a way to import multiple documents to an asset document page at once, not one by one as we have a lot of invoices we want on an asset.Best and thanks