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After 17 years with lansweeper

Hi All,So we've had Lansweeper since ~2006, We had a great deal and purchase price with the tool for years and it's provided us with the best support it was 1 and a half years ago Lansweeper started to announce the new pricing structure which we have...

Upgrade 2008 Lansweeper to Latest 2019 version

Hi All,We are planning to upgrade 2008 OLD version to latest 2019 Lan sweeper version .After upgrade, can we use OLD Lan Sweeper license to latest 2019 Lan Sweeper version?Thanks

Uk1990 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Database Upgrade

We plan to upgrade the database from localDB to SQL server, apart from the installation, is there any additional setup that we should do? Do we need to purchase a new license specific for SQL Server?

klydos by Engaged Sweeper II
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I have 350 Assets. With to do with the New minimum 2000 Assets plan?

We've used Lansweeper for many years now, we've witnessed it grow and change. We are quite happy with it.We happily just renewed our current license for €550.Price increased from €1 per asset to €1.1. We are perfectly ok with this.But the new Plan st...

CCC by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Setting up an installation with multiple scanning servers

Regarding the new license plans, is there still a limit to the number of scanning servers that can be installed?For example, I would like to use multiple scanning servers within one installation and now wonder if this is possible within the Pro Licen...

MG by Engaged Sweeper
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Helpdesk pricing

With the new licensing announcements, I did not see anything regarding how the helpdesk is licensed.  Is it staying the same or it is factored into the one of the new licensing plans?

jconn1980 by Engaged Sweeper II
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