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VMWare Error

My VMWare successfully scanned hours before updating to version After the update, I am receiving the error:VMWare ErrorThe session is not authenticated.Is this something that I will need to reconfigure on the VMWare side or a coincidence th...

ABast by Engaged Sweeper II
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New Preview Capability - Security Vulnerabilities

Lansweeper is delighted to announce new capabilities in the security vulnerabilities space. Building on the foundations of our world-class scanning technology Lansweeper has enhanced our software scanning to normalize and enrich with NIST standard na...

Scanning App on QNAP

Very quick question.  Does the community think there would be a benefit of a lansweeper/fing like app being available on QNAPs app store? Pretty much something that could scan what you have at home -  a bit like the Fing box but on your QNAP deviceTh...

Resolved! Create recurring tickets

Hello,I would like to know if Lansweeper can create automatically recurring tickets for IT maintenance purposes.Last post I saw about this was dated back from 2018, is this a feature that is available now?We are using Lansweeper Thank you

MBI by Engaged Sweeper
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New Preview Capability - Diagrams with network/virtual topologies

Hi everyone! Lansweeper is delighted to announce the availability of its new diagramming capabilities in Lansweeper Cloud, now in Preview. In addition to lists, reports, and dashboards, the diagramming and mapping capabilities in Lansweeper Cloud enh...

network-topology-preview.png virtual-environments-preview.png relations-preview.png

Lansweeper Emission Tracking

Hi, Anyone knows if its currently possible to track Emission impact per device (laptop etc) in Lansweeper?We are searching for some tool for this, but it only makes sense in my opinion to add that into our main inventory system (Lansweeper)

Upgrade 2008 Lansweeper to Latest 2019 version

Hi All,We are planning to upgrade 2008 OLD version to latest 2019 Lan sweeper version .After upgrade, can we use OLD Lan Sweeper license to latest 2019 Lan Sweeper version?Thanks

Uk1990 by Engaged Sweeper
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Several issues I discovered.

I discovered several issues today that I cannot explain and are quite annoying. 1. Servers previously discovered are all the sudden not found anymore. After manually adding the server back in Lansweeper the new item is deleted and the "old" server wi...

Resolved! Cloud - No option to turn off the "Introducing Lansweeper Cloud" pop-up

The title says it all, in the new version a pop-up tells you all about the Lansweeper Cloud, however we don't want this to show up for all our users using the webconsole. For the default Welcome to Lansweeper there is a website setting, howe...

Jvds0 by Engaged Sweeper
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Software Deployment Integrations

Hi everyone,We'd like to develop one or more integrations to cover software/patch deployment in our LS Cloud, and we'd love your help!Which software, that provides such functionalities, you'd like to see a new integration for? and why?Thanks in advan...

Auto-updating 3rd party software deployments

Hello everyone,Does anyone have a way to auto-update my install files for Lansweeper Deployments?I saw a 2015 lansweeper post that mentioned this was in the works, but don't know what the status is.I am looking to supplement Lansweeper with PDQ Deplo...

whoami by Engaged Sweeper II
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Make your voice heard in the OT Research Panel

Make your voice heard and help shape our OT capabilities and roadmap! We are looking for passionate participants who want to leverage our OT Discovery Software and share their feedback:Are you interested in helping us improve your experience with OT ...

Resolved! Azure China Support

When will Lansweeper support scanning Azure China?

SBSP by Engaged Sweeper
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