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Error log message

 Hi Team, We are getting below error from teh Lansweeper server error log, could you please advise for the same. An error occurred while updating the entries. See the inner exception for Lansweeper.EF.Toolkit.DbContextBase`1.SaveChanges()a...

Nik14 by Engaged Sweeper
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Make your voice heard in the OT Research Panel

Make your voice heard and help shape our OT capabilities and roadmap! We are looking for passionate participants who want to leverage our OT Discovery Software and share their feedback:Are you interested in helping us improve your experience with OT ...

Resolved! Re-link OT to Cloud

I ran into an issue where I needed to reinstall the OT scanner.I unlinked it from the cloud and uninstalled/reinstalled the OT scanner.Now for the life of me, I cannot remember how to re-link it.

mkhuber1 by Engaged Sweeper II
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OT tools to integrate with

HiJust discussing internally the inclusion of OT specific attributes into our asset api (It includes the OT assets but not the OT specific attributes).It made me wonder if there were any particular tools used in the OT space that people think would b...

OT Technology Road Map

Is there a road map that has been published which might reveal functionality and dates?My organization is currently more anticipating OT more than any other part of Lansweeper. 

mkhuber1 by Engaged Sweeper II
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What are the key OT Protocols for you business

Hi All We are starting to prioritise the next quarter's block of protocols, thought I'd ask if there are any key protocols you'd need to support your business.  Keen to hear about protocols or even if you have a particularly dominant manufacturer you...

Want to get started with Operational Technology at Lansweeper?

Operational technology (OT) is everywhere and, above all, in the core processes of companies. At Lansweeper, we understand how important it is to deliver information to create action plans on operations and cybersecurity.I invite you to watch this vi...

OT Std Reports

Hi AllIn our last update (last week I think) we included a simple dashboard for OT backed by a couple of reportsOT Asset models overviewOT Component TypesOT List of Protocols on Network with number of assetsOT manufacturers overviewOT assetsHope thes...

LS360 User event - IT and OT convergence session

Hi All Last month we had our first online user event.  Very proud to have been one of the speakers at it (not the OT one..other ones).  Thought I'd post some of the details for those who didn't manage to make the sessions. This is a link to a summary...

Let's enhance OT together!

Hi there,Here at Lansweeper we like to fully involve you, our customers, with product development and really understand what your needs are.We have made significant improvements in the OT product based on all of the feedback we’ve received from you i...

OT Scanner Reporting Incorrect Firmware Versions

It appears that the OT scanner is reporting incorrect firmware versions for some of the Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLCs I have. I have attached screenshots of an 1756-ENBT/A 

mkhuber1 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Lansweeper OT Can't add Scan Target

 The ADD button does not appear at the top right of the scan target page.No assets are available from my lansweeper OT hub, and my OT HUB is sync and UP on my

RemiB by Engaged Sweeper II
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Sensor and Hub overview on Cloud

Hello crew, We are starting to work on improving the unified scanning view in the cloud  This is what we have now:   And this is what we plan to do:   Are you missing any information? Any thoughts? Thanks 

scan server.PNG MariaOrellana_0-1659698294791.png