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Improve Dynamic Group Filter

Looking for improvement to the dynamic group filter.Use case: Want to show computers that have a certain version of Adobe Reader / Flash / Java installed. I can do this, but I show triples of each computer when I add the software filter for each (see...

Windows updates Manager

Hi:I have been thinking that Lansweeper could be a nice windows update manager for small and medium organizations that can't afford SCCM or other 3rd party specific softwares like Kace Quest. We all know that WSUS is a pain in the ass because you don...

yayitazale by Engaged Sweeper III
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lsAgent MSI installer

One of the reasons we're interested in using lsAgent is for laptop fleets. These laptops don't regularly connect to the office network, so scanning centrally on an interval won't always find them. The cloud relay service solves this problem neatly, h...

AlexP by Engaged Sweeper
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Edit Default Fields in Asset View

Hello LS Community,I would like to know if there is a way to either remove or rename some default columns or fields when viewing all assets. For example, the Building column, Barcode, Branch Office, Order number or make the default view of the asse...

sekhijo by Engaged Sweeper
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Create a scanning credential mapping from a device's page

Rather than go through the tedious process of mapping credentials to a specific IP, it would be nice to be able to easily enter overriding credential mappings for a specific device within it's page.They could still show up in the credential mapping l...

mgiljum by Engaged Sweeper III
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Add support for Office 365 GCC High

It would be nice if you added support for Azure Government, Office 365 GCC High and Intune Government. I don't think you would have to change much in terms of the code other than the urls you are connecting to.Azure Government -

alongejm by Engaged Sweeper
  • 6 replies
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Default sort order and sort column on Assets page

Hi All,very new to Lansweeper. When I go to the assets page, by default it shows everything in name order. I'd like the default to be IP Address order.If I click on the IP address column, it changes the sort to IP address, but in descending order n...

lhs by Engaged Sweeper
  • 4 replies
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Moving columns in the "Mass Edit Assets" view

Is it possible to hide or move columns when in the "Mass Edit Assets" view? For the changes I need to make, I need a few custom columns, the asset name and the asset MAC address all in view at the same time. Currently I'd need to match the MAC addres...

cbeydler by Engaged Sweeper III
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Simple Approval ticket

Hi,Is there a way to create a simple approval ticket for the purchase department. Let's say i generate a ticket with an invoice of a subscription. The manager just needs to approve it, so the IT support staff can pick up the ticket and make the purch...

Gaston by Engaged Sweeper
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New menus difficult to work with

Lansweeper forced the new menu look and feel in the most recent upgrade, but it is very difficult to work with for me. Hovering over a menu to get a fly-out menu only works intermittently and trying to select from the secondary fly-out menu (especial...

Resolved! Lansweeper Cloud Location

Hello,I'm interested in the Lansweeper Cloud platform. If I remember reading correctly this was hosted out of the AWS Ireland region. We have a requirement for all data to be hosted in the United States. Is it possible to get a Lansweeper Cloud site ...

mgreene by Engaged Sweeper
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Website Access and Groups.

We are a big organisation, with many independent departments,They are not allowed to see eachothers assets.We need to be able to filter their view, if they are allowed access.So we wanted to use Asset Scopes.Asset Scope definition is extremely limite...

Lars_Kruse by Engaged Sweeper II
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Update OS to Windows Server 2019 Problem

Hi,After updating the OS to Windows Server 2019, the LanSweepr does not work.I get the message in browser:This is a marker file generated by the precompilation tool, and should not be deleted! How can I resolve this problem?Best regards.    

krgluski by Engaged Sweeper
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