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Resolved! Video Card scans on Lansweeper: Video card RAM reported incorrect

Hi,It was brought to my attention by a colleague that data held in a report containing video card RAM was incorrect. When scanning an NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB, the 'AdapterRam' value for the card is 4095, despite the card having 24GB of vRAM. My repo...

dshu by Engaged Sweeper III
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Is it possible to reference custom fields in custom actions?

HiI would like to create a custom action for teamviewer. I would like to populate one of the custom fields with teamviewer's ID. Then create a custom action to launch teamviewer and pass the computer ID to it.ThanksMax

mghabel by Engaged Sweeper II
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Feature Request: Ping Colum Filter

When running report all the columns have ability to filter results but not the PING column. Would be nice to have ability without modifying reports to have toggle or drop down selector option to show offline or online assets.

PeterJG by Champion Sweeper II
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New Preview Capability - Security Vulnerabilities

Lansweeper is delighted to announce new capabilities in the security vulnerabilities space. Building on the foundations of our world-class scanning technology Lansweeper has enhanced our software scanning to normalize and enrich with NIST standard na...

Wildcard FILE, FOLDER & REGISTRY scanning

it would be EXTREMELY useful if you could use WILDCARD to scan files/folders/registries to allow you to ascertain the contents of those directories as you maybe looking for multiple values/files.For example.i want to see the contents of ALL computers...

d_scott by Engaged Sweeper II
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Can I have the current RDP session correctly displayed?

We've recently deployed LSAgent for our domain machines to see if that helps to see the currently connected RDP user.That partially helped me but the current user is displayed as local, not domain user. Can that be fixed?For example, that's what I se...

pavelryzhkov_0-1678889542480.png pavelryzhkov_1-1678889626177.png

New Preview Capability - Diagrams with network/virtual topologies

Hi everyone! Lansweeper is delighted to announce the availability of its new diagramming capabilities in Lansweeper Cloud, now in Preview. In addition to lists, reports, and dashboards, the diagramming and mapping capabilities in Lansweeper Cloud enh...

network-topology-preview.png virtual-environments-preview.png relations-preview.png

Website Access and Groups.

We are a big organisation, with many independent departments,They are not allowed to see eachothers assets.We need to be able to filter their view, if they are allowed access.So we wanted to use Asset Scopes.Asset Scope definition is extremely limite...

Lars_Kruse by Engaged Sweeper II
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Join the Security Insights Customer Voice Forum

Hi AllWe have set up a private forum for discussing in depth our current and evolving OT Security Insights capability.In the forum, we will discuss roadmap, poll for views on suggested new features along with anything Security related to our product....

Lansweeper Dark Theme

Would it be possible to have a Dark Theme for Lansweeper? At the office we all use a chorme pluging to simulate a dark theme but it's very bad looking.

ModelM by Engaged Sweeper
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Ticket assignment options. What is currently possible?

Hello. We are using the LS HD system with about a half dozen agents. The majority of our tickets are entered through the web console. We are looking to have tickets auto assigned round robin style to four of our techs in order to load balance the cal...

Update OS to Windows Server 2019 Problem

Hi,After updating the OS to Windows Server 2019, the LanSweepr does not work.I get the message in browser:This is a marker file generated by the precompilation tool, and should not be deleted! How can I resolve this problem?Best regards.    

krgluski by Engaged Sweeper
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LAPS managed password

It could be nice security improvement to use individual local password stored in the Active Directory Computer Object instead of using same credential in the bunch of computer.In case of using same credential one compromised computer cause lateral mo...

Gyorvari by Engaged Sweeper
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