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VB Script popup wont appear on the Asset Host.

Hi Quick question i setup a vb script with a yes or no continue option for the end user. I can access the VB script from the Asset(end-user) host if i go to the shared drive. But when i hit the deploy button after setting up the vb script with the sc...

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New members of AD group

Hi, Is it possible to make a report, to see new members in a group? I use this script below to get a report of "Domain admins" members... but I would like to only see new members   Select Top 1000000 tblADusers.Username,tblADusers.Userdomain,tblADuse...

Ken1 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Network Driver Version

I've built a report to show just the network drivers on a system, with the primary aim of tracking down machines that might benefit from a driver update.Any suggestions for improvements?Select Top (1000000) tblAssets.AssetID,tblAssets.AssetName,tblAs...

Report to see wich devices have a USB-C port

Hi We're trying to figure out a report to list whether or not a laptop has a USB-C type port but so far no luck. Anyone already faced a similar challenge in the past and has a solution? Cheers

Lansweeper Cloud - Global Dashboard

I have a number of locations feeding into my cloud. Is there a means of creating a Global dashboard that reports data from all locations, rather than having to go to each sites dashboard?Similarly, is it possible to create a report that brings in dat...

dmoule by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper Reports - user info from asset list

I have a large list of asset names in an excel spreadsheet and would like to run a report in Lansweeper giving me the general info for each of these assets, specifically the user/last user would be most useful.Can someone help me out with a solution?...

Knowledgebase Report

Guys, we want to be able do generate a report to show the Agents with more knowledgebase articles created. The main objective is to encourage them to use more the application.Does anyone know how to pull this information from Lansweeper? Could't find...

Last Logon Report that includes all Windows devices?

Hello Everyone I am currently working on a Report to list the last Logon Time of all our Windows Devices in our Infrastructure and I found this query for it: Select Top 1000000 UserInfo.Username, UserInfo.Domain As Userdomain, UserInfo.LastLogon ...

gabe by Engaged Sweeper
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Helpdesk report with flagged tickets

Good day, we use the ticket state "in progress" in a dual use.When a ticket has a flag and the flagged date is in future we're awaiting something, e.g. a date when the user will return from holiday. A flagged date in the past or today will show us th...

NextCodde by Engaged Sweeper
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Report to get "last seen computer" of users in specific group

Hello,My report is now showing the users in the AD group I want:Select Top 1000000 tblADusers.Username,tblADusers.Name,tblADGroups.Name As ADGroupName,Case tblADGroups.GroupTypeWhen -2147483646 Then 'Security - Global'When -2147483644 Then 'Security ...

Alex-IT by Engaged Sweeper II
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Registry Report for HKEY_USER

Hello,how can I search for an entry in the registry if the entry is under HKEY_USERS? The exact path changes to the respective SID HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-25-2626331963-3573278992-2181189124-1400\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontsWhen I put ...