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Software Authorization

Hi Lansweeper Team,I work with the Software Authorization Feature and we have three options in Lansweeper "Approved / Denied / Unclassified"My question and wish ..  is it possible (in a future version) expand from 3 to 4 classifications?  "Approved /...

RolandB by Engaged Sweeper III
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LS 11.1 Scan time tab for Linux

LS 11.1 has introduced Scan time tab for Linux but there is no Scan Items details as for Windows assets.But if we see  fields in the tables:TsysWaittime.CFGname,TsysLastscan.Scantime,TsysLastscan.Lasttime,TsysWaittime.Waitdaysthen there are more info...

Take inventory of container systems

Hi,I want to take an inventory of my container based infrastrukture, like the inventory of my ESXi servers for thier VMs. But I can't find an solution for this.Maybe important thing: We use several Docker servers and merged them to together in kubern...

Custom field on user page

Is there any current ability to add a custom field (something like a Notes section) on individual users that we can edit directly in Lansweeper?I saw some posts requesting this from back in 2015 so surely there's a solution for this now, right?

sm_aic by Engaged Sweeper
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exclude group from scanning

Hi all,Is there an option to exclude from scanning an asset group instead of selecting them 1 by 1?i have a dynamic group by specific criteria that i want to exclude from scanning. is it possible? if not i think that this is a feature that is a must ...

eranavni by Engaged Sweeper II
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