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Scanning Fortigate Firewalls

I am looking for some help in getting LANSweeper to pick up our Fortigate firewalls. We have 3 that I'm currently working with, there will be more later once I figure these three out. LS is giving me some basic info for one of the firewalls in our of...

Dynamic Groups In Cloud

Hey guys,I am wanting to see if anyone has been able or if it is even possible for the cloud to grab the dynamic groups i have created on the onprem side. I know it has the static groups that i have made but i dont see an option for the dynamic side....

Resolved! Scheduled Tasks Discovery - Windows

Is scanning and discovery of scheduled tasks running on Windows Servers and Clients on the road map?It'd be really useful to have the results of Get-ScheduledTask or similar available and searchable within Lansweeper.

ChrisParr1 by Engaged Sweeper III
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