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Expand LS Vendor MAC-addresses database

I see LS Vendor MAC-addresses database containts 20 000+ addresses. But another network scanner has 48 000+addresses you expand LS Vendor MAC-addresses database? 

SNMPv3 global credentials ?

Hello,We were formerly using SNMPv2 on network devices but we are switching to SNMPv3.For SNMPv2, there are "global scanning credentials" available.For SNMPv3, I didn't find global credentials, you have to create your own credentials and map them you...

JeremySG by Engaged Sweeper
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Pending Reboot

Many other products have a true false value to query on pending reboots

NeoIsTaken by Engaged Sweeper II
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Scan Reg Key Only

If the key RebootRequired exists, this means the PC has a pending reboot. However, the values within this key are not the same pc to pc so I cannot set a value to scan. I also can't use (default) because it has no value set and therefore Lansweeper...

cscherrey by Engaged Sweeper III
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Pending Windows Update / Restarts

Hi There,I was wondering if it's possible to produce a dashboard item or report which lists servers which have Windows Updates pending for install, or a reboot pending after install.This would be extremely useful.

Change Email Subject Lines

Is there any way to alter the subject lines for the email templates?Currently they display as RE: [[ #58]] Ticket SubjectIdeally I'm looking to just get custom subjects based on the outgoing email templates (For each template we could set custom subj...

Rudamento by Engaged Sweeper II
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