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Resolved! Ping only works for single asset v10.3

Hi,We've updated to v10.3 and now if we open a report (or, for example, Dashboard > with multiple assets in and select 'Ping Assets', only the one at the top of the list returns a result. The rest just go into the spinning scan wheel thing. This was ...

doone128 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Software License Entitlement Import

Is there a way to import license entitlement data into Lansweeper? We have been using Lansweeper for a while, but management now wants to investigate the software license tracking capabilities of Lansweeper. They are piloting another product right ...

dheinaman by Engaged Sweeper
  • 9 replies
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Scanning Fortigate Firewalls

I am looking for some help in getting LANSweeper to pick up our Fortigate firewalls. We have 3 that I'm currently working with, there will be more later once I figure these three out. LS is giving me some basic info for one of the firewalls in our of...

LS 11.1 Scan time tab for Linux

LS 11.1 has introduced Scan time tab for Linux but there is no Scan Items details as for Windows assets. But if we see  fields in the tables: TsysWaittime.CFGname,TsysLastscan.Scantime,TsysLastscan.Lasttime,TsysWaittime.Waitdays then there are more i...

Improve Dynamic Group Filter

Looking for improvement to the dynamic group filter.Use case: Want to show computers that have a certain version of Adobe Reader / Flash / Java installed. I can do this, but I show triples of each computer when I add the software filter for each (see...

Windows updates Manager

Hi:I have been thinking that Lansweeper could be a nice windows update manager for small and medium organizations that can't afford SCCM or other 3rd party specific softwares like Kace Quest. We all know that WSUS is a pain in the ass because you don...

yayitazale by Engaged Sweeper III
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lsAgent MSI installer

One of the reasons we're interested in using lsAgent is for laptop fleets. These laptops don't regularly connect to the office network, so scanning centrally on an interval won't always find them. The cloud relay service solves this problem neatly, h...

AlexP by Engaged Sweeper
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Uninstall and update VLC media player

Howdy, I have over 200 devices with VLC version 2.2.4 and I would like to uninstall and update to the latest version. But I have not succeeded through the uninstall command from deploy. Has anyone managed to use a deploy to uninstall the old version ...

Tiberiu by Engaged Sweeper
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