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Engaged Sweeper
We want to bulk import PCs into LS as we get them as we want to know how many PCs we have in stock locations. We're trying to develop a process where when we put a stock PC onto the desk, we just rename it, add it to the domain and reboot. Then we log in to the unit. This login process runs lspush which does it thing. But right now we get a second asset in the inventory with the same name as the stock asset. It would be desirable, if possible, to just have the one asset as it's feasible that even an active AD joined machine would go back into stock.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I would recommend going over the following articles:
The manually created asset must either:
  1. Have the same unique ID as the scanned asset.
  2. Meet the Windows rename detection requirements so it can be identified as the same asset.

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