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Engaged Sweeper III
This view currently lists all 147 computers in my domain. Having the ability to short by clicking on the column title is great. However i would like to see 2 fields added and in order to make them fit on the screen, I would reduce the width of the description.

Add a field for # of cores on the Processor.
The current speed value column is not that useful but I would leave it there. However, I would like to see the PassMark Processor value. This would really reflect the power of each computer and I could see which ones are the most powerful. A VERY USEFUL indicator when I want to allocate a computer to a person or task.
Engaged Sweeper
KB not applicable, all workstations using Windows 7 and servers are linux.

Thanks, will have a play with generating a custom report.
Lansweeper Alumni
You can create a custom report to sort by the number of cores.

See this first: http://www.lansweeper.com/kb/incorrect-number-processors.aspx
Engaged Sweeper III
Hi Elliot,

I never got any feedback from Lansweeper to say that they would start tracking this kind of information, so I suspect the answer is no!

Engaged Sweeper
Did anyone find a way to sort PCs by number of cores per processor? All of our PCs are multi core.

[edit] i'm a premium user, not sure why it isn't showing, i registered on the forum with the same email address.