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Engaged Sweeper

Hi Team,

I'm using trail period of Lansweeper and added few nodes. Also, added ESXi host to check his discovery but post adding not able to find full details of host like VM that are hosted on it and other product details.

I have referred this video to add esxi host in Lansweeper: how to add esxi node to lansweeper - Google Search

Could you please help us in auto discovering the VM which are hosted in ESXI? or to get full details about the host?




Honored Sweeper II

Can you open esxi Web-console via browser from ls server?

Both the article has been verified and followed same but no luck. Is there any other way to TS this issue?

Any services that need to be validate in host or ports that need to open to discover the guest VMS?

Note: I even tried with host local account with Administrator role (which has more privilege than read only). 

I run the Test connector for that host. PFA the attached file for more info.

I re-tested ESXi.

1. Device tester supports ESXi. "c:\Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions\Devicetester.exe" 

2. My result:


Tested the Device tester for esxi and attached is the logs. Please check and let me know anything is blocking?

Anything that need to do from my end to fix this issue?




You have to use scantesttool from ls server 

Can you please share the steps to test/use Scantesttool

Run tool "c:\Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\Lansweeper.TestTools.App.exe" 

Select vcenter/esxi


Set IP and creds

View log


Tested the scantest tool and attached is the logs which i have fetch from same path. Please check and let me know to proceed with next steps.