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Engaged Sweeper
As you know there is the ability to select a program, and specify how many licenses you have purchased. Lansweeper then calculates how much you are under or over this license count, and has the ability to give you a cost.

However this feature is useless if you have multiple versions of the software installed around the workplace. Lansweeper lists versions like 7.1 and 7.2 seperately. So if i have 10 licenses for Nero 7, using 5 licenses with version 7.1 and 4 licenses with version 7.2, there is no way of displaying this saying i only have 1 license left.

There needs to be a way to group them together somehow.

Engaged Sweeper
Here is my solution for license aggregation:
Open Lansweeper SQL database with MS Management studio.

Find view web30licensecompliance and change it to:
SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.tblLicenses.softwareName, dbo.tblLicenses.softwareVersion, SUM(dbo.web30repUsedSoftware.[number in use])
AS [number in use], dbo.tblLicenses.Nrlicenses, dbo.tblLicenses.Priceperlicense, CASE WHEN (SUM(dbo.web30repUsedSoftware.[number in use])
> nrlicenses) THEN (SUM(dbo.web30repUsedSoftware.[number in use]) - nrlicenses) ELSE NULL END AS Missing,
CASE WHEN (SUM(dbo.web30repUsedSoftware.[number in use]) > nrlicenses) THEN (SUM(dbo.web30repUsedSoftware.[number in use]) - nrlicenses)
* priceperlicense ELSE NULL END AS Price, dbo.web30repUsedSoftware.SoftwarePublisher AS Publisher
FROM dbo.web30repUsedSoftware INNER JOIN
dbo.tblLicenses ON dbo.web30repUsedSoftware.softwareName LIKE dbo.tblLicenses.softwareName AND
dbo.web30repUsedSoftware.softwareVersion LIKE dbo.tblLicenses.softwareVersion
GROUP BY dbo.tblLicenses.softwareName, dbo.tblLicenses.Nrlicenses, dbo.tblLicenses.Priceperlicense, dbo.tblLicenses.softwareVersion,

Now find Stored procedure web30softwarepercomputer and change it to:
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[web30softwarepercomputer](@software varchar(1000),
@theversion varchar(200))
AS SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT dbo.tblComputers.Computername AS Computer, dbo.tblOperatingsystem.Description, dbo.tblOperatingsystem.Caption AS OS,
dbo.tblComputers.Domain, dbo.tblComputers.Lastseen
FROM dbo.tblComputers INNER JOIN
dbo.tblSoftware ON dbo.tblComputers.Computername = dbo.tblSoftware.ComputerName LEFT OUTER JOIN
dbo.tblOperatingsystem ON dbo.tblComputers.Computername = dbo.tblOperatingsystem.Computername LEFT OUTER JOIN
dbo.tblComputersystem ON dbo.tblComputers.Computername = dbo.tblComputersystem.Computername
WHERE (dbo.tblSoftware.softwareName LIKE @software) AND (ISNULL(dbo.tblSoftware.softwareVersion, '') LIKE @theversion)
ORDER BY dbo.tblComputers.Computername

Finaly, open table tblLicenses and use % as joker in columns softwareName or softwareVersion, for example:
softwareName=Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

Works for me...
Champion Sweeper
I agree that this is a problem. Not sure if there's anything in the works to address this issue but I have had a few "confused" fellow IT Department members come to me concerned that LANSweeper reported us having only 90 Office 2007 licenses in use when we actually have more like 200. This was because SP2 went and changed the version number when it was installed. I definitely have a use for the information since it does show me who has been updated but when it comes to license tracking, the information is misleading.

Not sure if this is a problem for others, but thought I'd chime in on it.

By the way, LANSweeper is an awesome product and I can't believe all that it does for the price. Very useful!
Lansweeper Alumni
License grouping will be in version 4.0
Engaged Sweeper
What would be really nice is if you could tie a particular piece of software to a machine. for example...

First have a table that holds licensing information...
Manufacturer,title,version,date purchased,PO Number,Vendor

Machine ABC123 has MS Visio - It would be great if you could tie the above information to to that machine so you could really keep track of licensing.

The other major improvement would be in the console under licensing. When you move a product to the Right hand side of the screen to be tracked, remove it from the left to avoid confusion.
Champion Sweeper
That would be great, it's hard to manage the licenses when there are different versions.
Maybe it's better that we can get an option to group the software as 1 instead of 4 different versions.