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Types of fields available in Lansweeper

Lansweeper scans Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows computers, VMware servers, and other network devices such as printers and switches. Though a wealth of data is scanned and is available for viewing, you may want to customize your view with content relevant to your situation or needs.

There are 3 types of fields and each of the fields can be named and modified as needed:

  1. Default fields. These are out-of-the box fields that are populated during discovery.
  2. Standard value fields. There is a selection of fields to choose from to add to your dashboard.
  3. Custom fields. If the default fields and the standard value fields do not suffice, you have the option to create custom fields. These can be named and modified as needed.

Adding asset information to standard values fields

Standard values fields are additional fields available out-of-the-box to be filled in by the customer on top of the information Lansweeper already discovers. They exist both in Lansweeper Classic and Lansweeper Site versions, but are more visible in Lansweeper Site, with dedicated sections and configuration options.

Lansweeper Site contains two sections on the Asset page: Asset Location and Financial Information. Here, customers can add data such as vendor name, cost center, physical location, etc. to support Lansweeper's asset management use case.

Other standard fields include asset location, maintenance, and relations.

Asset Location Standard FieldsAsset Location Standard Fields

Financial Information Standard FieldsFinancial Information Standard Fields

Adding customized asset information using custom fields

Next to a set of standard values fields, you can also add specific fields to each asset, customized however you like. These are available to everyone, and are outside the scope of standard values fields.

Lansweeper Site includes 60 custom fields that are reserved for manual data submission. In Lansweeper Classic, only 20 custom fields are available, which means that Lansweeper Site provides 3X more space for customizations.

You are able to change display names of custom fields to your liking and specify their type. For example: plain text, dropdown, or Boolean (yes/no) field. Asset custom fields are configured globally for the installation, meaning that all assets will have the same custom fields available for data.

Types of fields that can be configured are:

  • Text fields
  • Drop down
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • Currency
  • Hyperlink

custom fields.png

⚠️Note: As of December 2022, there is no automatic synchronization between the Lansweeper Classic custom fields and Lansweeper Site custom fields. We will add this feature in the coming months.


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