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New Lansweeper patch update

Hi there,    We have released a new Lansweeper version containing fixes for the below reported issues., LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 905 (21 Nov 2023) Fixed: LAN-15881 The HTTP/1 proxy failed to function in specific situa...

ErikT by Lansweeper Tech Support
  • 8 replies
  • 1 kudos

OS History doesn't work

We need to track change Windows 10 builds. So I check OS history and write query:Select Top 1000000 * From tblOperatingsystemHist Then update some Windows 10 but query result is empty.Please fix tracker to support Win 10 Builds.

Issue with deployment on

Since upgrading to v11.1.1.3 from 10.6.2 I am having issues with deployment. The error I am getting is:failure while connecting to Asset: The operation completed successfully. Path: \\xxxxx.xxx.xxxxxxx.com.au\C$. ICredential(s): Global (xxx\xxxxxxxxx...

TK by Engaged Sweeper
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! oid reserved

Hello,we have a webcam (Santec SNC-431RBIA) that is scanned with the oid I try to add the oid there is the message "The oid ... is reserved an cannot be mapped"but it is added...Any idea?

Lindner by Engaged Sweeper III
  • 2 replies
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Printer Password Report

Hello,Is it possible to scan for printer passwords using Lansweeper? We are looking for a solution to ensure all printers have passwords and I was hoping Lansweeper could help. These are the passwords on enterprise printers that allow administration ...

Zebra Printer OIDs

Has anyone been able to successfully scan Zebra printers. I'm looking to scan Model in particular but for some reason the SNMPBrowser provided by lansweeper and lansweeper itself is unable to scan. I've downloaded a 3rd party SNMPBrowser and it see...

aburrow by Engaged Sweeper
  • 5 replies
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