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Lansweeper Employee

Report Categories

Lansweeper has the ability to generate reports on all data points discovered and stored in the database. The main categories of reports are as follows:

  • Hardware
  • Security
  • Software
  • Users
  • OT

Delta result report short.png

Lansweeper provides many built-in reports, and you also have the ability to create your own reports to meet specific needs. Lansweeper Classic uses SQL queries to generate reports, where Lansweeper Sites uses MongoDB and leverages GraphQL to generate reports.

Report Builder

Lansweeper Sites includes an intuitive report builder. In addition to the built-in reports found in the Reports module, you can build your own custom reports using the report builder, categorize them, and give them a detailed description.

To build custom reports, Lansweeper Sites includes an intuitive report builder, which also allows you to categorize each report created and provide a detailed description.

Report Builder in action.png

Reports are built in three main steps that can be performed on the left-hand side of the build pane:

  1. Select all required fields
  2. Filter retrieved data to obtain the desired result set
  3. Group data together to show cumulative results

You may also find a report that is similar to the one you’d like to create. “Duplicating” the report can give you a starting foundation to build your report upon.

Each building step has a result pane on the right-hand side of the building step. When building a report, the result pane will show a limited number of records for to verify the result of each building step. The complete report data becomes available saving the report and sending it to the reporting queue.

Reports functionalities 

Scheduling reports: You can schedule reports to run at a certain day and time, or at a given interval.

Exporting reports: Using Lansweeper Sites, you have the option to export a report as CSV and XLSX, as you can see on the image below. Lansweeper Classic, instead, also contains the option to export to XML. To export a report, simply press the “Export” button and select the desired output format.

Emailing reports: Email alerts allows users to stay on top of vital information and emergencies about their network, such as important changes in Software and server or workstation errors. Only in Lansweeper Classic, they can set up email alerts to distribute the information to the right people as it comes in, or schedule them to be sent at a specific date/time.


To learn more about Report capabilities, you can visit these pages:

  1. ☝️How to use the report functionalities in Lansweeper Sites
  2. ☝️How to use the Report Builder
  3. 📗The full documentation about the Report Builder


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New to Lansweeper?

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Experience Lansweeper with your own data.
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