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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

This article explains what the freeware and trial limitations are in the Lansweeper software. Both trial and freeware users are able to set up a link to Lansweeper's Cloud site.

Trial limitations

When you first install Lansweeper, a 14-day trial period is initiated. This trial includes technical support and access to all scanning features available in Lansweeper's Cloud solution. You can submit a business or a non-business email address, your trial is not limited in the number of assets.

Freeware limitations

When your trial or purchased Lansweeper license expires, the Lansweeper software reverts to freeware mode. No data or settings are deleted, but several features become unavailable. The freeware version of Lansweeper has the following limitations:

  • Maximum of 100 assets
  • No access to technical support
  • No access to hotfixes
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