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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Community!

March flew by to be honest, it was great to see so much collaboration happening within the Community from  reports being shared to product ideas - let’s dive into the recap for last month:

Community announcement: We made some minor tweaks to forum labels to make it easier to categorize posts related to specific topics and we also added a new forum board for all discussions related to reporting with Lansweeper (read more here)

Product News: Here's what you need to know from Lansweeper

Popular blog posts:

Microsoft Patch Tuesday - March 2024 - Lansweeper Community - 73545

Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013... - Lansweeper Community - 73513


[Recording] Virtual Office Hours March 2024 - Lansweeper Community - 73917

The next virtual office hour will be in April Community Events - Lansweeper Community

Top solutions (Keep marking answers as accept solutions!)

Huge shoutout to the following users for asking such great questions and finding even better answers:  @FriendlyGuy @mmazoyer @MB74 @swiftjc 

  1. Solved: Lansweeper Cloud - To export this view data, you m... - Lansweeper Community - 73608
  2. Solved: Cannot install Lansweeper Firefox Extension - Lansweeper Community - 73481
  3. Solved: LsAgent Automatic Update from Lansweeper - Lansweeper Community - 73595
  4. Solved: WoL Before Scan - Lansweeper Community - 73588
  5. Solved: ESXi Hosts and VM:s missing from vCenter inventory - Lansweeper Community - 73392

Special mentions: @Mister_Nobody for sharing this report  

@Zoran  for bringing this issue to our team’s attention Performance Scanning issues - Lansweeper Community - 73723 

@AlanMarquez for starting this discussion on remote assistance solutions Solved: Remote control - Lansweeper Community - 73629 and to @mmwend  for sharing your insights on this topic.

In case you missed it, @oseka15  had a question about Deployment Package tips, let us know your experience Deployment Package Tricks - Lansweeper Community - 73403

🚀 Kudos Leaderboard Top 3 (most kudoed authors) 

Congrats and thank you to these three users who received the most kudos last month!

  1. @Mister_Nobody  - About Mister_Nobody - Lansweeper Community

  2. @rom  - About rom - Lansweeper Community

  3. @DonMario73 - About DonMario73 - Lansweeper Community

Also, If there is a community member you’d like to give a special shout out to leave a comment below and let everyone know! 

Thank you all keep asking and answering questions, sharing feedback and participating in Community discussions. We appreciate you!

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