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Resolved! [Help] Chart Report - For counting computers with Bitlocker activated

Hello I created this simple chart report to count how many computers have with BitLocker. The problem is  some of the computers are no possible to activate and I want to exclude from the chart report, I have another report with all computers but in t...

Alaponuke by Engaged Sweeper II
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Lansweeper News widget non-functional

Hello there! We've received some support cases regarding the Lansweeper News widget currently being non-functional. We have alerted our marketing team to look at the RSS feed so you can enjoy our Lansweeper News feed again as soon as possible.  We ap...


Windows 10 scanning issues

Windows 10 machines are not being scanned.  We are getting access denied errors, however the windows 7 machine are being scanned with the same credentials.

Cloud Lansweeper Azure SQL Managed Instance

Hi,Are there any plans to support Azure SQL Managed instance with Cloud Lansweeper? Our DB is currently on Azure SQL Managed instance, but we can't utilize the Cloud portion since it doesn't support Managed Instance. Is there an ETA for this capabili...

Alig26 by Engaged Sweeper II
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What reports do you use daily? Share here

Hello All! I saw some great responses here https://community.lansweeper.com/t5/forum/what-reports-do-you-use-on-a-daily-basis/m-p/24780/thread-id/11687 so I have started a new discussion thread to see if we can get more examples: Reply or comment to ...

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Alerts for assets added via lsagent

I am in charge of our asset system and finally have all of our assets scanned via lsagent and updated with user information.  My fellow techs apparently find it difficult to edit an asset and add an owner and location.  Is it possible to setup an ale...

Winget Commands

Has anyone successfully been able to push out winget commands either via batch file or powershell to remote machines?  This could save a lot of time when pushing out and upgrading apps.

RobH by Engaged Sweeper
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Exclude VPN discovered assets

Hi,We're just starting with setting up our Lansweeper scanning server and are still working in a test group.Although we are currently only scanning +- 60 devices with the LsAgent, i already have some unwanted results.When the  user works from home wi...

Resolved! "Default location" on cloud LanSweeper

Hi,On the cloud LanSweeper, I go to All Assets and I see an asset call "Default location".Is this considered and asset? Does it count as an asset?Can I remove it and will it come back? 

THUSER by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Exclude certain assets in LanSweeper cloud

Hi,Can I exclude certain assets from LanSweeper? For example, I do not need monitors showing up on the assets section.I saw a few articles but it is pointing to the Classic Lansweeper. Is there a cloud version on excluding Assets?Thanks 

THUSER by Engaged Sweeper
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What hapend to Linux software?

Hello.Today i wanted to check witch php-versions exists on my Linux-machines.In the past I went to "Linux Software" and search php to get all versions and related programs. To my surprise the list is only 44 records (unfiltered), it used to be hundre...

Lennart by Engaged Sweeper II
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Report On Gaming Applications Installed On Corporate Devices (v1)

Select Top 1000000 tblassets.AssetID, tblassets.AssetName, tblassets.Username, tsysassettypes.AssetTypename, tsysassettypes.AssetTypeIcon10 As icon, tblassets.IPAddress, tblassets.Lastseen, tblassets.Lasttried, Games.softwareName As [software...