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Report server local group members and enumerate nested domain group members

Can anyone offer a report similar to the built in Config >> User Info >> "Users in Groups" listing that's under each Windows computer's page but which also enumerates nested domain group members?   This would be for Lansweeper 8.0 with two AD domains...

swept by Engaged Sweeper II
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Device Warranty Report Help

Hey everyone,Requesting some help with a report which can display the counts of our device warranties in a summary:Out of Warranty | Count Amount1 Year Warranty Remaining | Count Amount2 Year Warranty Remaining | Count Amount3 Year Warranty Remaining...

sktf by Visitor Sweeper
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Dashboard, chart and report for Toner Levels w/color

My dashboard with a chart quick glance at toner levels, and a colorized report with more toner details set to highlight items with 10% remaining. If LS has info on the printer it can show the reorder # of the toner as well.===================Chart: T...

rader by Champion Sweeper II
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Chrome History

You will need chrome history viewer to use this action.You can get it here{actionpath}ChromeHistoryView.exe /UseHistoryFile 1 /HistoryFile "\\{computer}\c$\Users\{username}\appdata\local\Goo...

seraphielx by Engaged Sweeper III
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LAPS Credentials setup

Hi,I'm following the new article to setup LAPS credentials for scanning.Scan a Windows computer with LAPS - Scanning your network - Lansweeper CommunityWe have LAPS in our environment and have been using it for a while. I have done the following per ...

pharder by Visitor Sweeper
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Resolved! tblADComputers.Description not refreshing for assets?

Hey Sweepers,Does anyones tblADComputers.Description update when a modification is made to the computer description field in Active Directory? I'm noticing that ours have gotten out of sync. Any ideas?  

Malrsorr by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Installing Sysmon

Trying to install Sysmon via a deployment package.  Has anyone been able to do so? With a configuration? If so please share details. Thank you

jmp917 by Engaged Sweeper
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hardware inventory lan

Hi everybody know how I collect a hardware inventory in my Lan only information " Computer Name - Processador Model - Memory - Operational System - Hard Disk Volume - Username and manufacturer" ? Have a template or i need to custom this? Could you he...

Can BitLocker PIN Enabled\Disabled be added to report?

I currently have a report that shows if BitLocker/TPM are enabled on laptops. I also need to know if a PIN has been set. I am able to see Key Protectors with manage-bde are Numerical Password, TPM and PIN. Can lansweeper pull this information as well...


VMWare Error

My VMWare successfully scanned hours before updating to version After the update, I am receiving the error:VMWare ErrorThe session is not authenticated.Is this something that I will need to reconfigure on the VMWare side or a coincidence th...

ABast by Engaged Sweeper II
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What is a recommended scan frequency?

I did a search on "scan frequency" and found some good information on how LS scans, when LS scans, and how to adjust LS scan frequency. But I do not see any "best practice" suggestions for setting scan frequency beyond the defaults of generally once ...

jimbarr by Engaged Sweeper
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Asset with IPv4 is scanned as a new asset with IPv6

I have some laptops that somehow get readded as a new asset with a IPv6 only address. We do not use IPv6 in our network and my scanning target is IPv4.The IPv4 asset is populated with all data and correctly scanned. After some days it appears as a ne...

DP by Engaged Sweeper
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Database field for Dell Monitor Express Code?

I am trying to get a report of my Dell monitors which shows either the Service tag or Express Code.  I cannot find that field in the database, but the Express Code DOES appear for each monitor when I pull one up individually (see attached screenshot)...

mfassler by Engaged Sweeper
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Trying to attach File with helpdesk API

Hello everyone.I am trying to figure out how to upload a file to the lansweeper API using XMLHttpRequest. I am unsure what I need to do but this is what I for code inside my data submitting function:   var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); var objFile...

jmikalik by Engaged Sweeper
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