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Email Alerts - Lansweeper Cloud

Hello, Like the on-premise version, does the cloud service support email-based alerting for reports?  If so, can you point me in the right direction?Thanks,-paul

paulvno by Engaged Sweeper
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Incorrect display of Microsoft Apps

Hi there,thats my first entry in the Lansweeper forum....I try to uninstall Microsoft Apps. At first I tried to use a powershell script (without lansweeper), which works successfully. When I display the overview of installed apps with powershell, the...

MF_1 by Engaged Sweeper
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New Preview Capability - Security Vulnerabilities

Lansweeper is delighted to announce new capabilities in the security vulnerabilities space. Building on the foundations of our world-class scanning technology Lansweeper has enhanced our software scanning to normalize and enrich with NIST standard na...

Toast Message - Reboot Computer When Patched

Its always handy to ask the User to reboot once the install has finished, here is a simple TOAST message with Image (445 x 266) to add to the end of the deployment...Edit the following Powershell with the message, image location etccopy-Item "***Path...

Andy_Sismey by Champion Sweeper III
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What qualifies as a webserver for lansweeper scans?

On our asset list we have around 50 of these "webservers" with almost no information, I am not sure what lansweeper is looking at to get the info or where it comes from. They look like this:  When I visit the associated IP address, it goes to this ge...

tcrlansweeper_0-1660329826934.png tcrlansweeper_1-1660329905135.png

Service Desk integrations for Lansweeper: Use cases

What would you like to see as use case for Service Desk integration for LansweeperAsset context in the service ticket based on the username of the reporter: when the user raises an issue type incident the service ticket gets information from Lansweep...

Gianluca_C by Lansweeper Employee
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Resolved! How do I copy data from the barcode field to Custom 1 field

I have my asset number in the barcode field of a device and I would like to copy it to the custom 1 field so that I can map that custom 1 field to my solarwinds helpdesk so that when it synchronizes it brings that data overThanks for your helpJoel

jdeanley by Engaged Sweeper II
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Scanning Exclusion

Hello team,Despite I have added several exclusion rules to prevent Lansweeper from scanning unnecessary targeted computer systems whose names ends to "_replica", still I need to go daily to delete them manually so as to maintain my license limit. The...

micos by Engaged Sweeper
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Integrations for Lansweeper

Hey,are you looking for an integration of Lansweeper with another tool in your company that would benefit from our asset discovery technology?  Please respond to the Integration Survey to help us to prioritize the development of the most important fo...

Gianluca1 by Lansweeper Employee
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Lansweeper Simple RESTful API

Hi folks,It's been a while I created an lansweeper Restful API and I wanted to introduce this to you in the hope it's useful to somebody, especially because its completely open source.Short DisclamerI did this API for myself. So it's quite rudimentar...