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Authorized Software or Hardware (point of view)

Hi AllI've been putting a bit of thought into the Lansweeper 'Authorized Software' capability.  It's currently on-prem and having spoken to a few customers its fairly well used.  As such I've got a couple of questions if people are happy to give me t...

Resolved! User rights for Helpdesk

Hello, I've had Lansweeper setup without Helpdesk for months and would like to take advantage of it's ticketing system.Is there a how-to to setup the Helpdesk? I see the configuration page and it's many options but I don't see how to allow users acce...

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Trogdor by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! How does Lansweeper generate asset IDs, and can this be changed?

We are looking for a new naming convention for our PCs, and after a little research decided that the asset ID from lansweeper would make a good name. The only problem is that the asset IDs from lansweeper are only 3 chars, and we would prefer somethi...

What qualifies as a webserver for lansweeper scans?

On our asset list we have around 50 of these "webservers" with almost no information, I am not sure what lansweeper is looking at to get the info or where it comes from. They look like this:  When I visit the associated IP address, it goes to this ge...

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Developer tools, application and webhook

Hi,I read the documentation of the webhook and I was able to find 2 topics:1. How can I test my webhook?2. How can I run the application with the webhook?Thanks,

Cloud API's to edit assets

Hi All,I couldn't find any information in the API docmentation so I figured I would reach out to the community. Are there any API's available through LS Cloud that allow the modification of asset information, specifically the state, location, and con...

Dan909 by Engaged Sweeper II
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LS Cloud Application API feedback

Hi there!We'd like to hear from you about your experience in connecting to the LS Cloud API. Please take a couple of minutes to go through this Survey!Your feedback is really valuable and will help us create new features and solve some headaches you ...

HelpDesk - not sending ticket creation e-mail to end user

I've started my trial and I'm looking to implement the help desk solution, while I'm able to open up a help desk request via the portal AND sending to an assigned e-mail address, there are no notifications to either me as the sender or me as part of ...

RobDz by Engaged Sweeper
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VMWare Workspace One - Not Scanning

Hi all,We're in the process of implementing VMWare Workspace One, and we're trying to get Lansweeper (v to scan it.We've gone through the process notated here: And t...

Lansweeper and MSFT Power BI Integration

Available now, new for Lansweeper customers using cloud, our user guide instructs you  on how to first create a MSFT PBI application in Lansweeper to authenticate and authorise and then supplies the query needed to make the API call to return Lanswee...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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New Integration , Lifecycle Management with Asset Panda

Our newest intergration, with Asset Panda, please see Lansweeper Integrates with your Tech Stack - Lansweeper Integrationsfor more info or watch this 3minute product demo Lansweeper Integration - assetpanda-1 ( to learn how your Lansweeper...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Custom Widget to Track Windows Service

I need help creating a custom widget that can track the status (Running/Stopped) of two Windows services and return one or two tables for running and stopped services.I have query available that can produce the list form, but cannot use that in creat...