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.Net version for lsagent

Engaged Sweeper
I'm trying to install lsagent on a Windows 2016 VM without touching the .net framework 4.7 install currently on the VM.
I've tried installing .net 6 runtime (64 and x86) on the VM but the lsagent installer kicks off an update to .net framework 4.8

Is this expected behavior? I may have misunderstood the min requirements but I thought .Net 6 would be adequate.


Engaged Sweeper
for anyone else with same/similar query we got a response from Lansweeper support:

"Both Lansweeper and LsAgent require .NET Framework 4.8 (or higher) in order to function. We will add .NET 6 support to our wishlist as a feature request. Features on our customer wish list get development priority based on a combination of customer demand and difficulty to implement. As such we aren't able to guarantee that this feature will be implemented or provide you with an estimated release date at this time."