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Should I update to LANSweeper 7?

Engaged Sweeper II
So right now, I am not able to update my Premium license to any of the ones mentioned in the emails that work with the new features of LANSweeper 7.

Should I bother updating to this latest version? Will I see any benefits?

Engaged Sweeper III
I just installed v7 on our test server and found out all these great new features are pay-to-play now.

If we want to use them, our Premium license is useless and we will have to go from paying $360 PA to over $5000.

We've been looking for a network and application monitoring app and a lot of them do discovery too, maybe it's time to take the plunge on one of them.

Can we install v7 and disable the annoying "this is what you could have if you pay us 14x what you currently pay" notifications on the asset pages?

Edit: Actually, it's even worse, I was looking at the US pricing, it's going to be almost $7000.

Engaged Sweeper II

I did try out the beta on my test setup, so I did see some of the new features (even sent in a bug report), will just have to hold off and see what the new year and budget hold! 🙂

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Aside from the new features, very little has changed. The biggest reason to upgrade to Lansweeper 7 (even with older licenses) is to try out the new features. You'll be able to easily get a key to try out all the new features for a limited time. This can be useful to convince management of the added value.

If you just simply can't upgrade your license at this moment, there no big reasons to upgrade.