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Helpdesk with Active Directory informations

Hi,we (IT department) use the helpdesk modul. In the overview we can see the requesters name, SLA, priority and other informations. Is it possible to have a column with users adress or other location informations? This would be very useful for us bec...

ekime89 by Engaged Sweeper
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Last User "Unknown" on some computers

We are fairly new to Lansweeper. In fact I have very little knowledge of Lansweeper and trying to learn it all. A problem we are currently running into, is certain assets will not display the last user but others on the same network will display with...

Asset Custom field changing type

Hi all,I am looking for some help before I make a change. In Lansweeper I setup a custom field for asset tag and set the type to "Numeric". One of our sites now has asset tags starting with letters. If I change the field type from "Numeric" to "Textb...

Vulnerabilities API pagination issue

Hello! I'm using the vulnerabilities API and am having some issues when trying to page through records. I'm sending the first page request with:     vulnerabilities (pagination: { limit: 3, page: FIRST })     And receive the following in the response...

API Request

Below is my code for my authorization request and my GraphQL query. And this is the output of the same code:"{"data":{"me":{"username":"m.***","profiles":[{"site":{"id":"75812745-2db4-41b8-9a5a-******","name":"***lansweeper"}}]}}}"How do I get a devi...