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Congratulations Honorary Sweeper!

Happy Friday Lansweeper Community! Please join me in recognising a community member who recently earned the Honorary Sweeper rank(the second person to earn this rank since the launch of our community in 2022) Congratulations  @Mister_Nobody  About Mi...

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Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Open remote C$ share

This actions opens the administrative shared C$ folder of a windows computer.Action:{actionpath}shellexec.vbs "\\{smartname}\c$"

Michael_V by Champion Sweeper III
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Some LsAgent Assets Not Reporting

Hello all,I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else is having issues with some assets not showing up after an LsAgent install. We use Intune to push LsAgent out to our devices and roughly 1500 received the push from what our logs show. however, in...

rinks by Engaged Sweeper III
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Filter Search Options

Is there any way to enter multiple criteria into a single filter field? By that I mean something like HP AND Brother into the Manufacturer filter. Also, is there any way to search for everything but a particular value. For example, entering "not HP" ...

MrBob by Engaged Sweeper III
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problem with software license management

Since I have updated Lansweeper to the latest version, I am having problems with the Licenses section, within the software, they have multiplied and it no longer works well, I attach the current image and another one of how it appeared before the las...

earellano by Engaged Sweeper
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