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Asset types and Jira import

 Hello Community!I hope to find a solution here. I will try to explain what we are trying to achieve.Our aim is to build a proper CMDB using the Jira Assets tool, incorporating company access management and various other elements.One of the tasks is ...

SUMO by Engaged Sweeper
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macOS Agentless

Hello everyone. I have a question. When I scan macOS device with agentless, the result is network device not macOS device. Why did it happen? And please give me macOS requirements 

Ticket Dispatching based off email

Hi All, It's possible I'm trying to cater for an odd problem but if it's possible can you steer me in the right direction.I understand the ticket dispatching works in descending order.Essentially the problem is when a customer emails both Maintenance...

zachdunn by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! OID Resevered

Hello, During a creation OID, I see this message "Error: This OID is reserved". I would like to know if you have already received this message or not ? And how can I by pass this error ? Thanks regards 

KDOUMALIN by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Helpdesk Filters

Has anyone come across the issue where you can't filter by custom fields in the helpdesk?  Whenever I try, it just sits on Processing... and doesn't ever show the results.

OT scanner behind a router

Hello,Has anyone used OT scanner centrally to discover OT devices behind a router?If I use the default setting in "scan targets", I cannot see icmp or other L3/4 protocols being transmitted from the sensors interface (only arp).

Kumppis by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper mail with MS Graph

2 days ago I installed the latest version of Lansweeper ( then I do have issues with the mail handling.It doesn't pick up the mails that are in the monitored mailbox.If I restart the service manually it does create the tickets, but no ...