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Scan times and how to determine their end time

Hi there,we are new users for LANsweeper and we have a few locations that are not that great with their bandwidth and are concerned that scan times can take to long and therefor impact the production. So they raised the question if there is an option...

Help with Group Policy Report

Hello Lansweeper CommunityI tried to create a Report, which outputs the windows clients where the last successful GPO update is two days apart from the last successful lansweeper scan.My problem is that the windows assets are listed multiple times be...

sam1 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Rmoving old assets

There are hundreds of assets that are no longer around anymore and I would like to remove them. Deleting them one at a time is time consuming. Is it possible to remove them any other way? Permanently delete assets not seen in the last is checked off ...

greyclear by Engaged Sweeper III
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Comments for Users

Hello - It would be helpful to have a Comments tab for User objects, like what's available for computer objects.

Jono by Champion Sweeper II
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Resolved! TrialKey error

Is there a way to remove the TrialKey exceed error and just go straight to the freeware license... or do i have to wait for the date to expire?

cojast by Engaged Sweeper III
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LANniversary Time!!

Another random coupon code!The coupon code featured in the picture entitles the first user to a 50% discount when starting a new or upgrading an existing subscription. For upgrades make a quote to reserve the coupon code and contact anniversary@lansw...

Hemoco by Lansweeper Former Employee
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Import IP Adress Ranges

Hi,it would be great if you can add the function to import ip adress ranges.in some cases customer have a lot of ip ranges to scan.regards,

samfu by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Import Asset Question

I am looking to update assets that are already in my Lansweeper program, if i use the Import Asset template will it only populate the fields that I updated or will it over ride all the information for that asset? To clarify I only want to update one ...

GRsanchez by Engaged Sweeper
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Portuguese Language Pack

Hi,i would like to know if it's possible to configure lansweeper into Portuguese? I've installed Webhelpdesk in portuguese, now the names that Lansweeper use are not equal to the same in WHD, make duplicates.

rui_real by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Create a report- Java Runtime Environment by version

Hello! I have another whacy report I would really like- I am pretty bad at this but maybe someone can help. I sure hope so.I wonder- is there a way; to write a report- that shows every pc that has JavaRuntime environment loaded- with it's corrospond...

Resolved! Create a report: Duplicate MAC

Due to a problem with someone cloning our virtual systems and not adjusting the MAC address I need to build a report for what is supposedly impossible...to find duplicate MAC's. I attempted to modify the duplicate serial number report to work as int...

WING987 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Printer Information not consistantly coming over

About 1/3 of our printers do not report manufacturer, model, pages, etc. Lansweeper recognizes them as printers and reports them as an IP but that is all. the other 2/3 of the printers report fine. What does lansweeper need to be able to properly ...

steveg by Engaged Sweeper II
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Asset Actions Organization Ideas

As I was organizing my asset actions today, I was thinking it would be cool to have nested actions within "Advanced Actions" or have some more sections to go along with "Basic Actions" and "Advanced Actions". For example, you could have "Software Ins...

mtcuser by Engaged Sweeper II
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Off topic: Internet access "Time Bomb"

Good day IT Staffers! I'm interested in finding a piece of software that would allow me to give a user access to our gateway so they can access the internet for a specified period of time.Example: User asks me for internet access to research somethin...

jnelson by Engaged Sweeper III
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Non-Windows System Passwords

I'd like to get the ability to specify the password for non-Windows based on DNS name, instead of just IP address? I have Mac laptops that get IP addresses via DHCP, and I'd like to specify specific passwords for those items without hardcoding IPs or...

mhaymore by Engaged Sweeper II
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