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Looking for Package Deployment use cases

I've been playing around with the feature tying to come up with ideas on how best to leverage. Best ideas I can come up with are checking to see if a program is installed, and then applying an update or maybe sending pop up messages to users? Running...

Resolved! NVR CAMERA

Hello team,I look for a solution, i have a couple of NVR on my network and i can't see it.My goal is to put every camera on my inventery.I scan the right Vlan and i have the right credentials.have a great day!

RemiB by Engaged Sweeper II
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Need Help With AD User Report

I need help creating a report of AD users and Windows computers logged onto. I have a report that shows somewhat of a history of systems logged onto, but I want the specific field I can see when I click on the "Last User" shown in asset records. 

PapaTuck by Engaged Sweeper
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AutoPlay Settings Report

Are there any built in reports that show the Windows AutoPlay settings for removable media on a machine - both anything machine wide that's being enforced by GPO or Intune, and any user specific settings? 

ChrisParr1 by Engaged Sweeper III
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npcap driver update include in lansweeper update

HelloSuggestion/feature request:It would be good if the npcap driver would also be updated via the Lansweeper update installer.When you enable the asset radar in Lansweeper, the npcap driver is installed at version 1.55, but never updated again.The n...

WuGe by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Create Report : Audit VMs Last Logon > 90Days

Looking for assistance creating a report that will provide a list of VMs that no one has logged into for at least 90 days, created the below report but does not seem to coincide with the logon times as I see VMs in the list that were recently logged ...

ggalati by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper Integration with MSP Product LIONGARD

Hello Lansweeper Community,We are considering an integration with LIONGARD, a popular MSP product. As a next step we would like to validate the use case for a Data inspector from LionGard to Lansweeper. If you are using both tools and would be open t...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Reminder - TODAY Lansweeper API Office Hours

Reminder - TODAY - Lansweeper CommunityAPI Office hours for developersQ3 Lansweeper Community API Office hours for developers will provide updates on both API developments and new integrations released since our last office hours (Q2 2023). We will a...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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SQL query gone banans

This SQL statement is executed somewhere:SELECT COUNT(1) AS total FROM web40repsoftchangeslast7dayThis view contents is in the attached file:This cause my SQL server to go bananas in the Temp base and fill it up. I ran thequery an the result is 1.000...

Windows update in Asset

If you have to know that Which computer has Have the versions been updated or is there any Windows update path every day? can be written as Can you report? Or is there any way to do it? information as desired