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Engaged Sweeper III

I've started my trial and I'm looking to implement the help desk solution, while I'm able to open up a help desk request via the portal AND sending to an assigned e-mail address, there are no notifications to either me as the sender or me as part of the IT group that a ticket has been generated, I see them under the HelpDesk queue in LS .. any suggestions?

Engaged Sweeper II

Other than the settings in the Lansweeper configuration you should also check the settings under your user account.

You can find them in the top right corner, clicking on the "gear" icon or on your initial (depending on the Lansweeper version you're using).



Engaged Sweeper III

Thanks for that, so far the notifications are now going out to the end user upon status changes, but not when the initial ticket is created. While we are a smaller company, I think I can live with how we have it setup for now as long as we monitor the shared mailbox we've setup a little closer .. appreciate the help/assistance

Engaged Sweeper III

Yes - I have the following marked as enabled:

Ticket Creation (Sent to team Agents)
Ticket Creation (Sent to User)

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Can you check if the required email templates are enabled under Configuration\E-mail settings? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see if the templates are enabled.