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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Introducing Lansweeper OT - Operational Technology Asset Management. Building on the foundation of our world-class scanning technology, Lansweeper has expanded its discovery capabilities by developing a new solution that identifies industrial OT devices.

Bert de Mol, VP of Research & Innovation at Lansweeper:
"OT Asset Management is crucial in today's hyper-connected world, particularly in industries such as infrastructure and manufacturing, where the risk of downtime due to equipment failure or cybercrime is high. By adding detailed OT information to Lansweeper's rich datastore of IT and IoT asset data, teams will have complete visibility across their entire technology infrastructure, and the ability to make timely, data-driven decisions to proactively ensure the health and security of the technology estate."

Get started here 👉 https://lnkd.in/gFAj6fnn 

Engaged Sweeper II

Quick question. Can the OT Scanner co-exist on a current Lansweeper IT scanner? 
Also, is there any install / design documentation to look at different deployment strategies for large, dispersed factory environments? 

I am trying to figure out what the best deployment would look like as we have factories all over the world, so not sure how to approach it.

@pheyns at the moment as we are still in preview there is only really what is available in the knowledge database.  If you have a complex environment we would be happy to have a quick call to see if we can get you kick-started.  Could probably find time next week.

Cheers Iain

Engaged Sweeper II

@IainCaldwell : OK, let me have a look at schedule and I'll let you know. For now, I just want to check it out and deploy it on a single machine, but I want to make sure I select the proper install options (hub vs sensor vs without hub) which I could easily uninstall and redo if needed. 

Also, if I have IT and OT equipment on the same network and both scanners detect the devices, for example the IT scanner picks up an IP connected PLC, does the Cloud Console reconcile that data in a way to only represent it on the OT side instead of an "unauthenticated" device on the IT side?


Hi @pheyns, I hope that you still need the info about the install options, you can do the installation with hub vs sensor option. 

As Iain said, we are in preview mode. Consequently, we need to fine-tune some functions. For the moment you will see the 2 assets because IT-OT deduplication is planned to be implemented. 

If you need I can call you to help you with the set up.

Thanks @MariaOrellana . I also had a brief chat with @MartinMeduna who was kind enough to point me to the KB's. I have it successfully installed on a machine now and am kicking off a few scans to see what I find. I'll reach out if I have any other questions and will give some feedback.


@pheyns I'm glad to help.
We will be waiting for your feedback because right now customer feedback is what we are looking for to validate our priorities and roadmap.

Product Team
Product Team

Hi All

It would be really great if people in this space could provide feedback on the current feature set along with any suggestions for future enhancements. 



Cheers Iain

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

It sounds fantastic! 

Let's do it!

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