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Community Manager
Community Manager

**Update **

We are aware that some user email addresses have not yet been mapped to our systems and we are actively working behind the scenes to ensure all users are mapped properly.  In the meantime, please report any issues here on this form

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the sales webform
  2. Select I have a question about the Support Portal in the How can we help you today? box

  3. Type a full description of your issue in the Anything else? box

How to Receive Support from Lansweeper

Lansweeper Support Portal:

  • All users with an active paid license or an active trial license are entitled to receive support from our technical support team. If you do not have an active paid license or trial, you can still access the knowledge base, community, and training guides to solve your issue.
  • Access our support portal [here]

Community Account Creation:

  • To use the Support Portal you will need to create an account on our Community (we recommend using your work email to create your account). Follow our guide on [how to register and login]
  • New to Lansweeper? Learn More: If you're new to Lansweeper and want to understand how to get support, check out our blog post that provides insights into contacting our support team.


Engaged Sweeper

I am not able to create a support case. We receive the following message:

"We are unable to match the email address you are currently logged in with a customer account in our systems. Please make sure that you are logged in with your business email address or contact our sales team via this link."

We already have verified that we are using our business email address associated with the subscription.

I wrote to Contact Sales & Customer Service - Lansweeper but, I do not have any answer yet.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

HI @FelipeCisternas You should be able to open a case now, could you try again?

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Sweep that LAN, sweep it!
Engaged Sweeper

I'm not able to see anything at all under Manage Cases. The entire area is a blank white box and then the footer of the site below it.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

I’ve sent you a direct message requesting additional information to help us investigate the issue you’re experiencing with the “Manage Cases” section. This issue is unusual and should not typically occur, so we appreciate your patience as we look into it.
Our support team is committed to resolving this issue. 

Engaged Sweeper

I cannot create a case. I get an error that "We are unable to match the email address you are currently logged in with a customer account in our systems..."

Getting the same error, or sometimes the "Contact Administrator" as mentioned below by other users.  Was able to manage cases and reply to an open case without any issues yesterday so this is rather annoying.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi spasikowski 

We apologize for yesterday's "Contact Administrator" error; The issue has now been resolved. Could you please verify if it is functioning correctly for your user?

For those experiencing "We are unable to match the email address you are currently logged in with a customer account in our systems..." this means that either no community account has been made yet, or that we need additional details which can be resolved by contacting sales or your account manager through: Contact Sales & Customer Service - Lansweeper

Seems to be working again.

Engaged Sweeper

when I'm trying to access a case from the portal I submitted last week, it says "Contact Administrator"?