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Engaged Sweeper III

I have remoted onto each individual computer and confirmed 100% that the app is now gone, and I have even deleted the folder from Program Files as well for it.
BUT Lansweeper still shows 20 out of 150 computers still has it installed.
I have even reinstalled and then uninstalled manually on the pcs, to see if this removes it totally, but to no avail.
The app is Rogers Unison and also Roger Unison Softphone.
One of them was an MSI, and one was a .EXE file that I ran remotely from a lansweeper list, using PSEXEC, I uninstalled both apps from pc.
I have 20 of the Rogers Unison app, and 2 of the Softphone app are still showing.
Where does it scan for the presence of the app, is it the registry, if so, can you let me know where, so I can manually delete that key.
Thanks in advance

Champion Sweeper III
Not sure if this helps but have you checked the registry key for that software has been deleted?

:- Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall