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(already sent an email to support, non answers)

I recently updated our Lansweeper version to the last one available ( and we started to use it to schedule windows server updates (powershell script to run on specific servers) and a reboot.

For example we set a Run Once schedule for 9PM on the same day for a specific Asset, something really simple. In the morning we check the schedule and see he dosen't run. Worst, when we check Lansweeper start it in 2-3 minutes, in the morning so we have a production server who makes updates and reboot when users are logged in...

We don't have any errors, Lansweeper just don't try at the time scheduled.

Do I need to make something? Run a windows task to say at Lansweeper "run schedules" or configure something somewhere?

Thank you.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Do you mind sending an email again to support@lansweeper.com for this?
We checked internally and could not find any recent mail from your address.

Schedules should start at the moment they are scheduled normally, there is no other specific step required. So this could require some troubleshooting.