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Engaged Sweeper

Hello there,

I've purposely set all stored credentials incorrectly in the hopes for seeing our SNMP scans fail (and appear in the Scanning Issues Report) but they always scan successfully. I've restarted the LAN Sweeper service and they still successfully scan. I've also ticked Don't Ping & unticked Save pinged IP but they still always scan successfully and appear in my assets.

My goal here is to setup LAN Sweeper in a way that all subnets are scanned and if something pops up in the Scanning Issues Report then I know it's not one of my devices and I can investigate. 

Can anyone explain with this is happening?

Lansweeper Former Employee
Lansweeper Former Employee

Please try @david_moon's suggestion as it is indeed most likely related to your global SNMP credential which is always tried as the final fallback after all other credentials failed. As david said, the industry public community (default) is likely still in place for your global SNMP credential so try changing it to an incorrect community. Restart your Lansweeper service afterwards and rescan your SNMP devices again. If the issue would still persist, please contact support@lansweeper.com    

Engaged Sweeper II

Just a thought, but if the devices are configured to industry defaults (such as V1/V2 community = "public") it may be using the Global SNMP settings. Perhaps change that to be "incorrectly" as I think it will always try those credentials...? 

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