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Product Team
Product Team

It is time for our Spring Product Launch – the “Duvel” Launch. 

If you weren't able to attend the event, you can watch a recording.  I will try to summarize the content in my post, with more information on specific topics available through links in this blog. 

Before I provide an overview of our release, I want to THANK YOU – our customers and partners for providing valuable feedback on each and every of the capabilities we are announcing today.  Your feedback is critical because it allows us to focus on what truly matters to you.   

Lansweeper is successful because we provide the capabilities that allow you to have a single source of truth to make the best decisions about your technology estate.  So receiving feedback about what data and insights you need to make your jobs easier is key to us.  

Let’s look at the capabilities we are introducing in this launch. 

LAPS integration 

LAPS stands for Local Administrator Password Solution.  By adding this capability, you no longer need to manage passwords for your Active Directory (AD) managed computers in Lansweeper.  Our scanner will request the current credentials via this service directly from AD, ensuring we always use the right passwords.  This means:  

  • Reduced workload – you don’t have to maintain passwords in Lansweeper 
  • Improved completeness – your environment scans will be more complete 
  • Fewer issues – you will no longer see “credential” related scanning issues 


This feature has been available over the past few weeks – so if you haven’t already done so, upgrade your scanners to the latest release and take advantage of this capability. 

Risk Insights: Vulnerability Risk Assessment 

We are rebranding “Security Insights” into “Risk Insights”.  We believe this better reflects our vision for the product.  When we began our work on our cloud product, we focused on delivering additional value on top of our inventory information through Lansweeper Sites.  Risk Insights are a big part of the realization of that vision.   


Vulnerability Risk Assessment is just the beginningWith our new engine combining NIST and MSRC data and hardware/software/OS normalization capabilities, you will be able to quickly identify security risks impacting your organization.  The feature is a significant improvement over what you experienced in the Preview phase, with better performance, completeness and accuracy of results.


Over the next few launches, we will continue to expand Risk Insights to provide information about other types of risk, from lifecycle and warranty to software licensing and others.   


The next “big” announcement is that we are ready to officially launch our Diagramming capabilities.  This feature has been in development for a few months and has benefited from feedback from our beta and early adopter customers and partners.  Seeing your complete inventory in a list is one thing, but seeing your assets on a diagram provides a “next level” experience. 


With this release, you have the ability to view network and virtual environment diagrams based on your IP locations or rangesYou can zoom in/out and change the presentation of your diagrams between star and tree views. You can further customize them by filtering by asset types and other criteriaFinally, you can export them in a variety of formats to share within your organization or modify them to meet your specific needs. 

We didn’t stop with just those capabilities. We have been enhancing existing capabilities. 

Customizable Views 

Over the past few months, we have been adding Customizable Views on various list pages in Lansweeper Sites.  Based on your feedback, we have added more fields, including custom fields to custom views, ensuring the most important data is available in this capability.  As a part of this Launch, we released Software Customizable Views.  


With customizable views, you can manipulate live data, sorting and filtering the information on the screen to meet your needs in the organization.  You can save and even share your custom views with other users in your organization.  You can export the views to meet reporting needs and to combine them with other data.   


With the latest update, we moved Marketplace icon to the main navigation menu, making it more accessible.  Along with that change, we have added a “Services” section to the Marketplace, providing you with an easy way to find and engage a Lansweeper partner to perform specific professional services. 


JIRA Service Management (CMDB) integration 

We are in the process of releasing integration with Jira CMDB, allowing you to have up-to-date inventory information in your Jira Service Management solution.  With this integration, you will see complete inventory information, including relationships between the assets and you will be able to easily look up complete detail of the asset in your Lansweeper Site. 

We also want to share some exciting updates about other capabilities. 

OT – Operational Technology 

We continue to mature our OT capabilities.  We continue to expand our coverage to ensure we can identify the devices used in your environment.   With the latest update, we focused on simplifying the scanning configuration, adding a scanning dashboard and supporting self-upgrade capabilities, ensuring you always have the latest version of our scanner to get the latest capabilities. 


Over the next few months, we will focus on providing full OT Asset Management capabilities, adding vulnerability insights and visualizing OT assets in Diagrams. 

IT Agent 

We are modernizing our scanning capabilities.  IT Agent, which is now entering the Beta phase, will allow you to connect directly to Lansweeper Site, using new Hub component, reducing your Lansweeper infrastructure needs by eliminating the need for SQL database and Classic Scanner.  

Public Cloud Inventory 

We are also working to integrate the capabilities from Cloudockit, providing complete Public Cloud inventory collection from AWS, Azure and Google Cloud providers.  With this capability, you will see all of the Public Cloud services used in your organization, including IaaS, PaaS and serverless services.  

If you are interested in providing feedback for IT Agent or Public Cloud Inventory, please let us know – your impact is invaluable. 

Lansweeper Fundamentals Training 

We are also adding Fundamentals Training capabilities in our Customer Community to help you maximize the benefits of Lansweeper in your organization. 

As you can see, we have added many new capabilities and improved existing functionality.  We are also starting work on new things.  We sincerely appreciate your feedback as it helps ensure we focus on what matters most. So please keep engaging with us.