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New Preview Capability – Lifecycle Data

We recognize that lifecycle information is a key value driver for clients to enable planning of software licensing negotiations, rationalisation and refreshes but also to ensure the assets are up to date to minimise security risk.  As such it is with...

Software License Entitlement Import

Is there a way to import license entitlement data into Lansweeper? We have been using Lansweeper for a while, but management now wants to investigate the software license tracking capabilities of Lansweeper. They are piloting another product right ...

dheinaman by Engaged Sweeper
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Feature Request: Asset Tag/Number as Standard Field

I've worked for 3 different fields in IT between medical, mortgage, and financial, and each IT department has used Asset Numbers or ID's to help identify and track IT assets. While Lansweeper has custom fields available, these do not transfer or sync...

rinks by Engaged Sweeper III
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Scanning Fortigate Firewalls

I am looking for some help in getting LANSweeper to pick up our Fortigate firewalls. We have 3 that I'm currently working with, there will be more later once I figure these three out. LS is giving me some basic info for one of the firewalls in our of...

Software Authorization

Hi Lansweeper Team,I work with the Software Authorization Feature and we have three options in Lansweeper "Approved / Denied / Unclassified"My question and wish ..  is it possible (in a future version) expand from 3 to 4 classifications?  "Approved /...

RolandB by Engaged Sweeper III
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