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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi all,

we would to create a new field in asset view named Poweronline that show if a laptop is plugged or on battery.

This field exists in WMI query:

[parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$DeviceName

Invoke-Command -computername $DeviceName -ScriptBlock {gwmi -Class batterystatus -Namespace root\wmi}

Et le résultat renvoyé

InstanceName : ACPI\PNP0C0A\0_0
Name :
PowerOnline : False
RemainingCapacity : 70880
Tag : 2
Timestamp_Object :
Timestamp_PerfTime :
Timestamp_Sys100NS :
Voltage : 11721

so I suppose it's possible to have this in asset view.

Could you help me to do this?


Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks for the response.
No, I don't want to touch to database structure 🙂

I'll wait and maybe it will be in a future release...

Lansweeper Alumni

This type of modification would involve changing website files, which are locked against editing and creating a new field in the database to store this information, which we would not recommend as this could jeopardize the integrity of your database and finally an adjustment to the scanning logic of the scanning service, which can't be done.

Even if it were possible though, we cannot provide support for this kind of modification of your installation as it could cause unforeseen issues.

Since this information is stored in WMI though, I've moved this topic to the wishlist section of our forum so it can be considered for a future Lansweeper release. At this moment I can't give you any more information on whether or not this feature would be added and when it would be added.