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Champion Sweeper
Some of you may have played around with this already but it would be great to have a version of the web portal that is optimized for a mobile device like a blackberry, tablet, or iPhone. Obviously there would many things that wouldn't work but having the ability to look up information away from the desk could be really useful.
Champion Sweeper
We definitely understand the concerns expressed in this forum thread. Optimization for mobile devices has been discussed with development and is something we do want to work on, but we just can't give an estimate of when this feature might become available. There are other features we've been requested to implement that have had priority, e.g. deployment. Our development team is still working hard on the 6.0 help desk beta as well, fixing bugs and implementing requested features.
Champion Sweeper III
I agree. With the help desk imminent, a mobile version is a must. I dread having to try to use the site on my phone.
Engaged Sweeper III
Another year and hoping something will be developed. We really need it for physical inventory and verification, plus a tech can add comments to the asset if they are at the location. You have QR codes, you should have a simple mobile app to use it (or release an API so we can write our own). Even if we can apply our own Javascript/CSS to the asset page, for example, so we could rewrite your tables to something we can 'mobilize', and that is a good fix and pretty simple to open up.
Champion Sweeper III
Yeah I can access it, it's just not the easiest to navigate. It's workable for now, but if it were my company, after the help desk is in place a mobile app would be my #1 priority. It's just the way the world is going right now in my opinion.
Lansweeper Alumni
You should be able to access and view the web console from any browser without issue. It just hasn't been optimized for mobile devices. We don't have a release date for this feature unfortunately. Development is focused on getting our help desk beta ready for our beta testers, so any other features have low priority for now.
Champion Sweeper III
A mobile app or mobile optimized page is a must if you ask me.
Engaged Sweeper II
+1 for some kind of mobile access.

It wouldnt need the Actions other than maybe rescan. Just view, edit & searching existing items would be a huge bonus.

I pretty sure that most support staff have smartphone's or tablets with them when they are running around and being able to access the information in lansweeper would be invaluble.

I would love to create qr code labels to stick on everything to open a search url with the barcode or serial on it like:


So that I could ping up the details on my devices from my phone. (Would be awsome for asset tracking walk rounds).

Fingers crossed something like this happens.

Lansweeper Alumni
This will most likely not be implemented anytime soon, but we will take this request into consideration.

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