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Engaged Sweeper II

Lansweeper forced the new menu look and feel in the most recent upgrade, but it is very difficult to work with for me. Hovering over a menu to get a fly-out menu only works intermittently and trying to select from the secondary fly-out menu (especially reports and assets) results in the menu closing more often than not.

I am definitely not a fan of the changes.

Engaged Sweeper

Yes there is issues on flyout menus and still waiting for an update to solve this


They are partly visible and this issue pops up everywhere, not just on tickets pages

And the year is now 2024 still no dark mode 😄

Engaged Sweeper


Using the drop-down menus in the "Edit ticket" window is bugged aswell.

When I have let's say a Category sub-menu where there's listed several ticket categories then the drop-down menu extends too much so I need to scroll the whole "Edit ticket" window in order to see the items in the "Category" drop-down menu.

Engaged Sweeper III

I´m also struggling with the new menu. Usually it takes about 3 attempts until the search for the right report and select it, is successful.

The fly-out should be more "sticky", and don´t close until you point to another fly-out-menu or klick outside.

Honored Sweeper II

New Layout loses filter during mouse move out of over current menu item



Honored Sweeper II

Could you back selection of old design and made themes switch?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible, but we are open to suggestions on improving the current view. Can you share your feedback?

Product Team
Product Team

Hi @MarkPayton 

Thank you for the feedback! Could you give us more details about the issues you are experiencing? 

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

Thank you for your feedback. We will make sure that our product team is aware of this.